SEO and content design: Integrating user-centered search strategy into your workflow

A7f688589c8b5462a0ffc11b5ce83f95?s=47 Chris Corak
April 26, 2019

SEO and content design: Integrating user-centered search strategy into your workflow

User-centered SEO isn’t just some magic you sprinkle on finished web copy right before hitting publish. SEO components—like user intent, internal-linking structures, content hierarchy, structured data, and meta descriptions—are built into content design decisions.

After clashing on projects and stepping on each others’ toes, Chris (an SEO) and Rebekah (a content and UX strategist) found smarter ways to integrate their work and create helpful, relevant web experiences that are search-engine friendly, too. In this session, they’ll share what they’ve learned and help you understand when, where, and how to integrate SEO into your content design process.

In this presentation, you’ll learn:

- A better understanding of how, when, and where SEO essentials play into your web content workflow
- Practical approaches and tools you can use to add a search-strategy lens to the content research and design work you already do, without compromising user experience
- Ideas on how to collaborate more effectively with SEO stakeholders

This presentation is a good fit for people who want to expand on their knowledge of modern search strategy and understand how to account for SEO without compromising user experience. It's also relevant for SEOs looking for how they can integrate their work into the content + UX design process.


Chris Corak

April 26, 2019