Lifeparticipation Overview

Lifeparticipation Overview

An overview of the work at Lifeparticipation


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    Our  Applications   Intergenerational Communication: What’s Up Balance & Strength

    Training: Active LifeStyle Cognitive Training: Active Brain Experience Sharing: ComeAlong Augmenting Social Interactions: Reminiscens
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    Cognitive  Training:  Active  Lifestyle   Active Lifestyle App offers dedicated

    Strength and Balance physical exercise training plans for elderly.
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    Cognitive  Training:  Active  Brain   Simplified simulation of Dance Dance

    Revolution, progressing toward a Cognitive Training Application
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    Experience  Sharing:  ComeAlong   Platform built on top of social

    networks that powers experience sharing and exploits its dissemination through networks to support social marketing and social media campaigns
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    Social  Interactions:  Reminiscens   Step by Step Interaction using relevant

    Questions to motivate and empower conversation with the elderly
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    Next! Start Sharing your Story from the very beginning… My

    What is your Name? This is the Life Story of… Reminiscens is a place for Sharing our Memories with Family and Friends in the most easy and fun possible way Ugo  Fantozzi  
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    My When were you Born? Welcome Ugo! Keep telling your

    story… Year   Month   Day   This is the Life Story of Ugo Fantozzi Other Ugos in History… Hugo Boss Victor Hugo 1940   September   9   Next!
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    This is the Life Story of My News at that

    Time People at that Time Patricia was born Also in 1940 Cristhian lived in that decade Do you have a picture of your childhood? No   Yes   Ugo Fantozzi The  pictures  will  go   Here!   September  9th,  1940   Birth   How it looked like
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    Results   ì  Older  adults  are  not  afraid  (“with  +me,

     we  can  learn”)   ì  The  older  the  user,  the  more  simple  UI  is  preferred  
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    Exten<ons   Applica<ons   Base  Services   Knowledge  Spaces  

    Lifeparticipation  Infrastructure   What’s  Up   Display   User   Management   Social  API   UM  API   What’s   Up   Ac+ve   Lifestyle   Post   Module   POST  API   People   Connec<ons   Spaces   Resources   Communi<es   Users   AL  API   Training  Plans   Training  Wall   Fisiotherapist   What’s  Up   Facebook   Files  
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    Social  KS  Layer   REST   KS  Management   Role

     Management                  User   Management   REST   Resource  Management   KS   Post  Module   REST   Resource   Rela+on   Annota+on   Users   Sesssions   Files   Users  Mgt.   Sessions  Mgt.   FB  Connect Google  FC Lifeparticipation  APIs   Person   Roles   Persona  KSpaces Community  KSpaces
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    What’s  UP  Think  Aloud  Study   ì  Groups   ì 

    Young-­‐Old  (65-­‐74)   ì  Middle-­‐Old  (75-­‐84)   ì  Old-­‐Old  (85+)   ì  4  Interfaces   ì  No  bu1ons   ì  Request   ì  Feedback   ì  Complete  
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    Results   ì  Older  adults  are  not  afraid  (“with  +me,

     we  can  learn”)   ì  The  older  the  user,  the  more  simple  UI  is  preferred