Reminiscens Social Calm Project Summary

Reminiscens Social Calm Project Summary

1-Page Summary handout of Reminiscens Social Calm Project. Reminiscens is a tablet application that empowers conversation with the elderly and helps them build their own life timeline using a step-by-step question based interaction


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    Reminiscens Empowering conversations with the elderly Social Isolation Is one

    of the biggest problems of elderly …but using IT to connect can be stressful It might be better to just go step-by-step Reminiscens comes to break Isolation and Computer Anxiety with an application for helping elderly people in building a biographical timeline step by step using an engaging and fun question-based interaction For example, consider this scenario... With Reminiscens, the creation itself of the timeline becomes a bonding interaction Screenshots And so, the timeline is created one question at a time Cristhian Parra Ph.D. Student in ICT Cellphone: +39 346 785 5393 University of Trento