Reminiscens: stimulating memory and face-to-face social interactions

Reminiscens: stimulating memory and face-to-face social interactions

Presentation given at the Social Informatics Group seminar. University of Trento


  1. 2.

    “a  selec(ve  process  in  which  memories  are  evoked   and

     reconstructed”   “personal  memories  of  a  distant  past:  long  term  memories   of  events  in  which  the  reminiscer  is  either  a  par6cipant  or  a  observer”   Process   Content   What is Reminiscence?
  2. 3.

    Why is it good to reminisce? +  life  sa(sfac(on  

    -­‐  depression     cogni(ve  orienta(on     (Haight  2007)     Reminiscence     Therapy   (WaE  2000)   To  a  lesser  extent,  it  has  also   been  seen  to  improve  social   interac"ons    
  3. 4.

    That’s not for me. I am young! …not  so  fast

      How  much  and  why  we  reminisce  it  is   not  really  different  according  to  age…   except  for  life  review   (Cohen  1998)   New  func(on  for  social   media:  cura(ng  our  historical   self-­‐image  and  reminiscence   (Zao  2013,  Best  of  CHI)  
  4. 6.

    Research Questions How  can  we  s(mulate  reminiscence  with  IT?  

    Can  IT  for  reminiscence  also  foster  social  interac(on?  
  5. 13.

    Does  web-­‐collected  contextual  content  s(mulates  reminiscence?     Does  promp"ng

     contextual  ques"ons  facilitates  storytelling?     Does  collabora"on  in  entering  stories  increases  social  interac(on?   Bonus  Track:  is  there  an  increase  of  subjec"ve  wellbeing?   Experimental Design
  6. 14.

    Longitudinal Study 8  weekly  sessions  of  simple  reminiscence  with  diff.

     tool  versions   Par"cipants:  intergenera(onal  couples  of  senior  adult  and  youngster   Each  session,  a  theme  (e.g.  childhood)  and  at  least  one  story     Par"cipant  Observa"ons  +  Ques"onnaires   face-­‐to-­‐face  interac(on  
  7. 15.

    Web  version  home  usage  during  weeks  and  2  months  aZer

     study   User  Diaries  (mood,  collabora(on  and  interac(on)  +  Applica"on  Logs   Longitudinal Study home  usage  
  8. 16.

    At  the  end,  each  elder  will  receive  a  physical  booklet

     of  his/her  stories   Interviews  +  Post  Study  Ques"onnaires   Longitudinal Study final  giZ  
  9. 17.

    Variables S"mula"on   Social  Interac"on   (session)   #  sa(sfac(on

        #  personal  memories   #  nonpersonal  memories     (weeks)   #  new  stories   #  usage  sessions   #  usage  (me   #  most  viewed  screen   (sessions)   types  of  interac(ons  #     (weeks)   collabora(on  stories  #   used  alone  or  company?     (before/aZer)   social  engagement   Subjec"ve  Wellbeing   life  sa(sfac(on  (before/aZer)   mood  tracking  (weeks)  
  10. 18.

    Stimulation Conditions mul(ple  variables  +  mul(ple  condi(ons  +  small  sample

        within  group  design   Couples  1,  2   Couples  3,  4   Couples  5,  6   Couples  7,  8  
  11. 19.

    Social Conditions Collabora"on  ON/OFF   mul(ple  variables  +  one  condi(on

     +  *small  sample     between  group  design   small  effect  
  12. 20.

    Cofounding Bias aZer  a  couple  weeks  reminiscing,  maybe  people  is

     already  in   reminiscing  mood  and  s(mula(on  is  no  longer  needed         first  session  track   every  week,  one  couple  does  only  the  first  session  and  then  they  just   used  the  app  from  home  for  the  next  two  months  
  13. 21.

    Additional Studies Public  reminiscing  display   Locate  a  photo-­‐frame  in

     a  community  center,  and  ask  seniors  of  the   community  to  send  pictures  of  old  (mes  plus  a  cap(on.  What  content   do  they  value  to  reminisce?  What  interac(ons  are  triggered  around  the   display?.  Interview  par(cipant  aZerwards  about  the  experience.           Online  reminiscing  community   How  s(mula(ng  would  it  be  to  par(cipa(ng  in  a  community  themed   around  historical  mul(media?  What  type  of  comments  and  interac(ons   will  occur?  
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    Current Status Demo  Site   hEp://     Knowledge  Base

     RESTful  API   hEp://     hEp://     (for  tes(ng  purposes)     Ongoing  implementa"on  prototype   hEp://       SoVware  Engineering  Alterna"ve  prototype   hEp://