Enabling Community Participation

Enabling Community Participation

Presentation given at the Community Informatics Research Network Conference 2012.

November 8th, 2012. Monash University Center of Prato, Italy.


  1. Enabling Community Participation! of Senior Citizens through Participatory Design and

    ICT! Cristhian Parra. Vincenzo D’Andrea. Giulia Giacomin! Community Informatics Conference 2012 #cirn12!
  2. From Web-Engineering and Data Knowledge Management to Social Informatics

  3. ICT for Well-Being and a focus on Older Adults

  4. www.life

  5. Lifeparticipation Example What’s Up

  6. ow can we approach Social Interactions? We needed a better

    understanding o The Elderly World
  7. Research Questions What type of information and activities would elderly

    share using ICT? What difficulties and challenges do they encounter using ICT?
  8. Research Questions How can we answer our questions using an

    approach that is as respectful as possible of the people involved, treating them as research collaborators instead of research subjects?
  9. The need for a Participatory Approach

  10. Participatory Laboratory of ICT for Elderly 30 Participants Most aged

    between 65 and 74 50% at the end 50% returned in the 2nd edition
  11. Brainstorming What activities are needed to support a magazine What

    do they know What do they expect to learn
  12. Topics of Interest Pictures. Pictures. Pictures. Writing stories The Internet

    Interestingly, Blogging.
  13. Weekly scheduling with their participation 3 months. 10 Sessions. Open

    Office. Internet Browsing. Blogging.
  14. The Blog

  15. 32 posts/month 9 active authors Not too much commenting Pair

    Writing Recipes Excursions Poetry Short Stories Social Report
  16. Follow-Ups Participatory Design Workshops

  17. Follow-Ups Participatory Design Workshops 16 concrete Design Mistakes e.g. mixing

    sliding and buttons 21 usability notes e.g. make borders thicker and disable touching in them
  18. Community Participation The Result

  19. General Learning ICT can foster Cultures of Participation (for example,

    around a blog) Participatory Approach enables trust relationships. Diversity of Elderly is wide, and they can be very participative provided the means for participation
  20. ICT Design Learning Step-by-Step sequential interfaces are preferred Desire for

    sharing their knowledge and stories Love to work in pairs
  21. How to sustain participation? A second edition of the lab

    More workshops Participatory Design of one ICT tool The Mockup: http:/ /www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpwRr_aKq4E Future Work
  22. Thanks for listening! Questions?