LeadingAge Hackfest and Convention: Experience Report + Winning Idea Demo

LeadingAge Hackfest and Convention: Experience Report + Winning Idea Demo

The "LeadingAge Hackfest" was a 24-hour competition in which we gathered in interdisciplinary teams to develop a prototype and a business plan for a technology-driven tool aimed at improving the lives of older adults and their families. My team, Global EngAge, was the final winner of the competition! :-)

This presentation is a report about the experience + demo of the prototype, framed in the scope of my research about Technology for Active Ageing.


  1. 5.

    Technology for Active Ageing (A  very  brief  intro)   100%

    } Prevention Care Compensation Enhancement 100%
  2. 6.

    LeadingAge Convention Industry  conven(on  bringing  together  non-­‐for-­‐profit  +  companies  +

      research  ins(tu(ons  working  on  ageing-­‐related  services   LeadingAge Hackfest 24-­‐hour  compe((on  in  which  I  was  matched  with  an   interdisciplinary  team  to  develop  a  prototype  and  a  business  plan   for  a  technology-­‐driven  tool  aimed  at  improving  the  lives  of  older   adults  and  their  families  (i.e.,  technology  for  ac;ve  ageing)   hKp://leadingagehackfest.org/   hKp://www.leadingage.org/   1   2  
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    6,000 not-for-profit organizations in the US   Senior  community  centers,

     Re0rement  communi0es,  Memory  Care   Communi0es,  Assisted  Living  Facili0es,  Universi0es,  Research  Ins0tu0ons   What is LeadingAge?
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  5. 11.

    Care Assisted  living  facili(es.  Hospitals.   Health.  Security.  Ease  Caregivers

      Stanley   Healthcare,     Sensors  +   emergency   communica;ons  
  6. 12.

    Care Monitoring  Individuals.     Health.  Security.   Caregivers  

    LogicMark     GuardianAlert.     Emergency  communica;on   www.logicmark.com   Situa;onSolu;ons   www.statussolu;ons.com  
  7. 13.

    Care Monitoring  Health.   Fall  Detectors     Health.  Security

      Caregivers   h=p://philipsseniorliving.com/   Community  without  walls  
  8. 15.

    Compensation +Enhancement S(mula(on  of  memory     Support  groups.  Music.

      Par;cipa;on   Java  Music  Club   h=p://javamusicclub.com/  
  9. 16.

    Enhancement S(mula(on  of  memory     Ease  use  of  technology

      Par;cipa;on   Individuals   It’s  Never  too  late   www.in2l.com   Telikin   www.telikin.com  
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    3 Computer Engineers 2 Business Students 1 Gerontologist (the coach)

    1 Representative from the “Council of Elders” Global EngAGE Team
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    The EngAGE Platform Architecture   <Event  Key,   Hangout  URL>

      Hangout  URL   Event   Key   Events   Users   Event     Key   Event  Keys   Hangout  Create   URL(s)   Hangout  URL   Hangout  Create  URL   EngAge   Community  App   EngAge     Connect   EngAge     Hangout  App   Event  Hangouts   Key-­‐Value  Store   Redis  Server   Webdis  HTTP   Server   Implemented   Not  implemented  yet  
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    Thanks for listening! Questions? Comments? The  na;onal    bowling  league

     for  Seniors   They  play  with  Nintendo  Wii.    
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  16. 32.

    1 .. 3 applications 4 .. 9 applications 10..n appications

    Health Active Ageing Participation Security Determinants Sub-determinants Types of applications Application goals Active Ageing dimensions Numbers of applications per sub-determinant Care Compensation Prevention Enhancement IT for Active Ageing Health services Behavioral Personal Environmental Social Economical Cure services Biology and genetics Quality of water, air and food Mobility and transportation Housing and daily living Age-friendly infrastructure Risk of violence and abuse Income Adherence to a treatment Care services Prevention services Communication access Education Social support Employment Lifestyle Psychological factors Alerting applications Exergames Serious games Communication applications Social applications eLearning applications Assistive Training applications Monitoring applications