Wicked Fast Website: Website Creation Workshop

Wicked Fast Website: Website Creation Workshop

Fast websites make more money, get more traffic, rank higher in Google, and have stronger brand loyalty. Your server, your theme, the way you load files—they all have an impact on how fast (or slow) your WordPress site is.

This talk provides you with a blueprint for building insanely fast WordPress sites, and a framework for analyzing web performance and advocating it to clients and managers. It covers everything from browser quirks to file optimization to server settings. You’ll learn:

- Why web performance matters.
- The right way to measure web performance.
- Annoying browser quirks (and how to fix them).
- How to reduce page weight for faster load times.
- Server optimizations that boost web performance.

Learn everything you need to know about building wicked fast WordPress sites.


Chris Ferdinandi

November 09, 2016