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How Model UN helps professional & personal growth

17ab5eb227cef5e28f7a19332f07522c?s=47 Ahmed Chaion
November 08, 2020

How Model UN helps professional & personal growth


Ahmed Chaion

November 08, 2020


  1. How Model UN helps professional & personal growth Ahmed Kabir

    Chaion Business Development Manager, weDevs
  2. Instructions Please introduce yourself in the chat: • Nickname •

    Location (City, Country) • Student/ Professional • Attended Model UN Conferences (Yes/ No) • Do we know each other (Yes/ No)
  3. —Foster C. McClellan “Trust yourself. Create the kind of self

    that you will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement.”
  4. Webinar Itinerary 01 Purpose 02 Model UN 03 My Story

    04 Why are we here? Perspective What is MUN? My MUN journey What can we take forward?
  5. Purpose Go to www.menti.com and use the code 999 44

    77 • All answers are eligible • Answer according to your context • Use your computer or cellphone
  6. Introduction The aim of this Webinar is to to raise

    funds for the initiative & sustainable development of Women in Asia. 100% of all donations will go towards mentorship of young women leaders.
  7. About Me 01 • Graduated from CQ Uni, Sydney •

    Founder of Sydney Premiere League • Wedu Mentor • 11+ years in Corporate IT Industry • 6+ years in Direct Sales & Marketing (Australia) • 10+ years in IELTS Training & Mentoring • Attended 61 Model UN Conferences & 48 times as a Dias Member • Appeared as a Judge for Hult Prize 2019-20 • Open Source Contributor for WordPress • Volunteering at WordCamps • Volunteered with World Vision Australia, Save the Children, Institute of WellBeing, AHOBAN & Listen4
  8. Famous MUNers 02 • Ban Ki-moon • Barrack Obama •

    Chelsea Clinton • Samuel L. Jackson
  9. Benefits of Model UN • A Powerful Experiential Learning Tool

    • Academic Simulation of the UN • Large Scale Global Impact • Comprehensive knowledge about global issues • Understanding of the positions & perspectives • A creative thought process • Come up with solutions • Skills to negotiate, articulate & market ideas • Ability to speak with clarity & conviction
  10. 2.6 Million Students taking part in Model UN each year

    Over 100 Countries 60% Coming from the United States
  11. Registration with Fees & Preference Attend 2-7 Days Conference Allocation

    & Research with Collaboration A Typical MUN
  12. The Contest Various Committees Different Levels Luck of the Draw

    Survival of the fittest Comfort Zone The Prize Meet New People A Unique Family Recognition Certificate & Gift Confidence-Building
  13. Known as Secretariat Body Member Known as Delegate (Representative of

    a Country or Agency) Known as Executive Board Member/ Chair/ Board of Dais Organizer Participant Judge Roles
  14. Day 01 Arrival & Reporting Opening Ceremony Opening Plenary Committee

    Room Workshop End of Day 01 Day 02 Workshop Committee Session Formal Debate Informal Consultation Q/A Discussion outside Formal Sessions Day 03 Debate & Discussion Q/A Negotiation Policy Building Working Paper Lobbying Draft Resolution Day 04 DR Presentation Discussion on DR Final Voting End Committee Closing Plenary Closing Ceremony Timeline of a Typical MUN
  15. My MUN Journey • Noticed in 2016 • September 2016

    first MUN • Adopting to the practice • Awards & Recognition • July 2017 first Chairing Experience • October 2017 Award from SC • January 2018 first Head Chair • Nov 2018 International Chair • Attended 30+ MUNs in 2019
  16. What I have learned from MUN Practical use of Diplomacy

    on a regualr basis Diplomacy Delivering under pressure Composure Learning to respect your opponent & the benefits of it Respect Not leaving the fight and the value of commitment Commitment 01 02 03 04
  17. Articulated Speaking Thinking Process Accaptance to Context Effective Listening Professional

    Exposure Situational Awareness Policies & Regulations Conventions Most Importantly
  18. Questions

  19. https://www.un.org/en/un75

  20. Identify the problems surrounding you Learn more on the issues

    Host discussion groups Attend seminars & conferences Think on the policy- building measures Continue the conversation What can you do? A B C D E F
  21. Join the conversation

  22. John Lennon You may say I'm a dreamer But I'm

    not the only one I hope someday you'll join us And the world will be as one
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