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Arnav Gupta
October 14, 2017


Arnav Gupta

October 14, 2017


  1. … but it is not always a smooth experience Sometimes

    you pay more than you consume. Sometimes you have to pay for things you don’t need. And so often, there is not way to express your displeasure at this
  2. Welcome to shaResource • Automatic resource sharing, running on a

    blockchain • Use it at – • Shared living (PGs, shared-rent Flats) • Co-Working spaces (like CoWrks) • Pay for what you consume, instead of 1/N splitting • shaResource doesn’t try to replace your notion of money • It is Splitwise, but the bills are added automatically and split by usage
  3. Resources ØCONSUMABLE • Apples, Milk Cartons, Beer cans • Used

    one-by-one. Get’s consumed when used ØUSABLE • AC, Heater, Jogging Shoes • Used per unit time. Can be used over and over ØPAYABLE • Water bill, Gas bill • Produced, not consumed. Payed one-time Types of Resources
  4. Locations ØLIVING SPACES • Shared-rent house ØWORKING SPACES • Co-working

    space ØCIVIC USAGE • Municipal resources (road, sewage systems) Where resources are
  5. Locations have resources Each resource (like heater) can exist in

    mutiple instances at a location (like a house with 2 heaters) Location based Access Control Users get access to a location. Access to location = defacto access to it’s resources
  6. Coworks 40x Red Bulls Coffee Machine 10x ACs CoHostel 2x

    Geysers 10x Milk Cartons 1x Guitar Colony 1x Road 4x Street Lights 2x Dumpsters
  7. Transactions • Consumption of consumable/usable resource; or • Production of

    payable resource • Each Transaction is added to the blockchain
  8. SRT: Shared Resource Tokens • -∆ SRT when you consume

    something worth Rs. ∆ • -5∆ SRT when you use a Rs. ∆/hr usable for 5 hours • +∆ SRT when you pay a bill of Rs. ∆ • +∆ SRT when you put Rs.∆ worth items into fridge • Everyone joins shaResource with 0 (zero) SRT
  9. Taking out a RedBull can from fridge transaction { user:

    "1h3v5i13hk5vj2h4bj12" location: { id: "m23b452", name: "CoWrks", type: "coworking" } resource: { id: "2nbv52", name: "Red Bull Can 300ml" } resource_id: "2", unit_consumed: 1, timestamp: "2017-10-08T12:26:50.834Z" SRT: -90 }
  10. Using the Geyser for 1 hour transaction { user: "1h3v5i13hk5vj2h4bj12"

    location: { id: ”j23m41", name: ”COHO", type: ”costay" } resource: { id: ”n2b34", name: ”Geyser 1000W" } resource_id: ”1", time_consumed: 3600, timestamp: "2017-10-08T12:26:50.834Z" SRT: -35 }