Dropping down to The Metal™

22bb3e56828870ee9a0dd93aeadbe04a?s=47 Godfrey Chan
June 20, 2015

Dropping down to The Metal™

As much as we love Ruby, when you need to be really close to the metal, you have no choice but to use JavaScript. This is why I developed the javascript gem to help you harness the raw power of your machines. (https://github.com/vanruby/javascript)

In this talk, we will examine the Ruby tricks and black magic hidden behind this ludicrous invention. Along the way, we will learn about how Ruby internally deal with variable lookups, method calls, scoping and bindings. Together, we will push the limits of the Ruby language, taking it to places Matz never ever envisioned!


Godfrey Chan

June 20, 2015