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A Balanced Diet of Documentation

A Balanced Diet of Documentation

Documentation isn’t always straightforward. Tutorials, QuickStarts, References. It can be difficult to know where to start. In this talk, we will look at the different types of documentation and how to strategically balance them for maximum impact.


Nathaniel Okenwa

December 10, 2019

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  1. @ChatterboxCoder A Balanced Diet of Documentation

  2. @ChatterboxCoder Who am I? Nathaniel Okenwa (He/Him) Developer Evangelist @ChatterboxCoder

  3. @ChatterboxCoder

  4. @ChatterboxCoder “Equip”

  5. @ChatterboxCoder Documentation

  6. @ChatterboxCoder Documentation API Reference Quickstarts Tutorials Sample Code Blog Posts

    FAQs Code Snippets Endpoint Definitions Example Responses Authentication Guide
  7. @ChatterboxCoder A Balanced Diet of Documentation

  8. @ChatterboxCoder

  9. @ChatterboxCoder People

  10. @ChatterboxCoder Why?

  11. @ChatterboxCoder Audience Goals We’re New We’re Stuck We Forgot

  12. @ChatterboxCoder

  13. @ChatterboxCoder Audience Goals We’re New We’re Stuck We Forgot

  14. @ChatterboxCoder Balance

  15. @ChatterboxCoder Food Pyramid

  16. @ChatterboxCoder Documentation Pyramid

  17. @ChatterboxCoder Documentation Pyramid Minimum Viable Documentation

  18. @ChatterboxCoder Reference Manuals Definitions Forms the Foundation Dictionary Comprehensive

  19. @ChatterboxCoder developer.twitter.com/en/docs

  20. @ChatterboxCoder Quickstart Assume Zero Knowledge Basic Isolated Use Case Step

    by Step Aim for Hackathon Attendees
  21. @ChatterboxCoder twilio.com/docs

  22. @ChatterboxCoder Tutorials, Guides & Samples Extra Guidance Solve Common Issues

    Developers already building
  23. @ChatterboxCoder stripe.com/docs

  24. @ChatterboxCoder

  25. @ChatterboxCoder Documentation Pyramid Key Pillars

  26. @ChatterboxCoder FAQs Driven by Feedback Concise Link to other Documentation

  27. @ChatterboxCoder stackoverflow.com

  28. @ChatterboxCoder API Explorer Mirrors Live Product Experimentation Tool Quick Feedback

  29. @ChatterboxCoder developer.marvel.com/docs

  30. @ChatterboxCoder Communication Channels Manned and Unmanned Transparency Iterates faster than

    your Docs
  31. @ChatterboxCoder

  32. @ChatterboxCoder Documentation Pyramid Engaging Offerings

  33. @ChatterboxCoder Developer Blog Personal Voice Source of Inspiration Not limited

    to your product
  34. @ChatterboxCoder Video Content Content not Ads Multiple Formats Call to

  35. @ChatterboxCoder youtu.be/yr8F2S3Amas

  36. @ChatterboxCoder

  37. @ChatterboxCoder Documentation Pyramid The Cherries on Top

  38. @ChatterboxCoder Cherries on Top

  39. @ChatterboxCoder twilio.com/quest

  40. @ChatterboxCoder

  41. @ChatterboxCoder

  42. @ChatterboxCoder

  43. @ChatterboxCoder Food Pyramid

  44. @ChatterboxCoder Food Pyramid

  45. @ChatterboxCoder Food Pyramid

  46. @ChatterboxCoder Food Pyramid

  47. @ChatterboxCoder

  48. @ChatterboxCoder

  49. @ChatterboxCoder Personalise

  50. @ChatterboxCoder

  51. @ChatterboxCoder

  52. @ChatterboxCoder Measures • Blind Testing Outcomes • Website Analytics •

    Feedback • Monitor Support Requests
  53. @ChatterboxCoder Balance

  54. @ChatterboxCoder CREDITS: This presentation template was created by Slidesgo, including

    icons by Flaticon, and infographics & images by Freepik. THANKS! Nathaniel Okenwa (He/Him) @ChatterboxCoder