Anaconda for R users

Anaconda for R users

Anaconda is a popular open-source Python distribution that includes more than 200 packages for scientific computing and data science. Recently, the Anaconda team released the “R Essentials” bundle with the IRKernel, which allows users to run R directly from a Jupyter notebook, and over 80 of the most used R packages for data science, including dplyr, shiny, ggplot2, tidyr, caret and nnet.

Anaconda includes Bokeh ( which is a visualization library that provides a flexible and powerful declarative framework for creating web-based plots. Bokeh renders plots using HTML canvas and provides many mechanisms for interactivity. Bokeh has interfaces in Python, Scala, Julia, and R, which is included in the "R-Essentials" bundle as rbokeh.

In this talk we will present how to get "R-Essentials", use conda for package and environment management, run Jupyter notebooks with the IRKernel and build interactive visualizations with rbokeh (


Christine Doig

November 03, 2015