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Avoiding Shell Hell: Aliases to the rescue

Avoiding Shell Hell: Aliases to the rescue

Aliases are a hack to developer productivity. Developers spend a couple of time typing long commands from Git to Docker and Kubernetes when these could be aliased saving us the time to achieve more. In this talk, I will expand on the tips and tricks developers can apply to achieve more in less time. Presented at forLoop Lagos Summit


Chiamaka Ikeanyi

March 08, 2019


  1. Avoiding Shell Hell: Aliases to the rescue Lagos Summit 2019

    | Chiamaka Ikeanyi March 8, 2019 @ Zone Tech Park, Gbagada
  2. Chiamaka Ikeanyi @chiamakaikeanyi Poet & Writer Software Engineer at

  3. @chiamakaikeanyi

  4. @chiamakaikeanyi

  5. gc? @chiamakaikeanyi

  6. An alias to git commit @chiamakaikeanyi

  7. Say hello to Aliases @chiamakaikeanyi

  8. What is an alias? @chiamakaikeanyi

  9. An alias is an alternate name for a command. Just

    a shortcut. @chiamakaikeanyi
  10. Why are aliases important? @chiamakaikeanyi • Spend less time typing

    • Reduce the chances of typos in a long command • The secret to speeding up your terminal workflow
  11. docker ps | grep forloop Is this cool? @chiamakaikeanyi

  12. dgp forloop What of this? @chiamakaikeanyi

  13. @chiamakaikeanyi Consider this Scenario Client 1 Website You $ kubectl

    get pods | grep $podName $ kubectl logs $podName $ kubectl exec -it $podName bash Client 2
  14. @chiamakaikeanyi

  15. Aliases instruct the shell to replace one string with another

    when executing commands. @chiamakaikeanyi
  16. • Git • Docker • Kubernetes • . . .

    Popular usage @chiamakaikeanyi
  17. isLong && repetitive ? alias : null Alias every command?

    @chiamakaikeanyi No, Not really
  18. Who needs to use aliases? @chiamakaikeanyi

  19. Lazy software engineers @chiamakaikeanyi

  20. gac "Fix filters" gpo patch/filters git add . git commit

    -m "Fix filters" git push origin patch/filters Works Smart Works Hard
  21. How can you add aliases? @chiamakaikeanyi

  22. Syntax alias name=command @chiamakaikeanyi

  23. Syntax alias name="command with space" @chiamakaikeanyi

  24. Store in the home directory @chiamakaikeanyi

  25. Bourne-again shell (Bash): ~/.bashrc or ~/.bash_profile Z Shell (ZSH): ~/.zshrc

    Default Files @chiamakaikeanyi
  26. echo $SHELL cd ~ ls -la touch ~/.bash_profile Not Found?

  27. alias workspace= "git config 'your_name' && git config

    'your_email'" @chiamakaikeanyi
  28. alias blog="open" @chiamakaikeanyi

  29. alias nis='f(){ npm install --save "$@" }; f' @chiamakaikeanyi

  30. source ~/.zshrc or . ~/.zshrc Reload @chiamakaikeanyi

  31. nano ~/.zshrc open ~/.zshrc code ~/.zshrc alias @chiamakaikeanyi Accessing your

    Aliases NB: Substitute .zshrc with the shell you’re using - .bashrc or .bash_profile ...
  32. BASH @chiamakaikeanyi

  33. At the end… What matters is becoming more productive @chiamakaikeanyi

  34. Demo Let’s see an example @chiamakaikeanyi

  35. Resource @chiamakaikeanyi

  36. Tomorrow is mystery But you can save time By using

    Aliases - Chiamaka Ikeanyi @chiamakaikeanyi Yesterday is history
  37. Thank you @chiamakaikeanyi