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Personal Finances 101

Personal Finances 101

Caker Diego Bousfield


Cheesecake Labs

December 16, 2020

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  1. Personal Finances 101 The Initial Steps to Have a Good

    Relationship With Money
  2. The book gave me a different perspective of money, it

    showed me how emotionally we deal with that, and how important is to have financial intelligence. The Source
  3. Writes biweekly in Valor Investe, and in 2017 published his

    first book, the Dinheiro Sem Medo, and in the next year wrote the Finanças Para Autônomos, both available in all big bookstores Your image here Eduardo Amuri @eduardoamuri eduardo@amuri.com.br
  4. Our Relationship With Money

  5. Sometimes, money gets in the way between us and our

    goals. And it can happens in different ways. Obstacle
  6. Money can help us to achieve our goals faster and

    easier Catapult
  7. Give us the safety we need in moments of uncertainty

  8. Financial Planning

  9. Photo & Quadrants It's an exercise to take a first

    look to our finances. We first guess how much we expend in a month, and then we split out expenses per week. Here is an article that explains it better.
  10. Why we fail Our plan tends to not work properly

    because: • It's too complicated • It's Too Strict • There's no good reason to exists
  11. Improving our chances of success To increase our success rate

    with the plan, we can: • To automate good actions • To foresee and eliminate "dangers"
  12. Am I happy with the way I'm using my money?

    Am I using it to live or to survive? Where's my work going? Final thoughts