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Beginners guide to cooking: leaping from delivery apps to home-made food

Beginners guide to cooking: leaping from delivery apps to home-made food

Caker Ray Garcia

Cheesecake Labs

December 02, 2020

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  1. Beginners Guide to Cooking Leaping from delivery apps to home-made

  2. Basic Utensils

  3. Cutting board "Táuba" de corte

  4. Garlic chopper Triturador de alho

  5. Peeler Descascador

  6. Hand Whisk Fuet

  7. Tongs Pinça

  8. Spatula Espátula

  9. Grater Ralador

  10. Cooking Knife Cooking Knife

  11. Sharpener Chaira

  12. Basic principles

  13. • Take a moment • Decide what and how •

    Check the ingredients and separate them • Mise in place Planning Planejamento
  14. • Maker things faster, easier • More efficiently • Freeze

    for later • Find your way Practicality Praticidade
  15. • Avoid using everything you have • Some utensils can

    be shared among preparations • Clean spaces, pans and tools as you work • Cooking paper! Minimal dirt Mínimo de sujeira
  16. • Use the most of the ingredients • Freeze leftovers

    for future preparations • Use plastic film or bag for wrapping • Avoid trash waste Minimal waste Mínimo desperdício
  17. Spices

  18. Refined and coarsed Salt

  19. • White: milder, lighter • Black: general use • Both

    can be bought either in powder or in seeds to be grated Pepper
  20. • Basic in many preparation • Can be bought in

    powder or paste • Tip for peeling Garlic
  21. • Has anti-inflammatory properties boosted if used along with black

    pepper • Can be used in salad sauces and marinades Saffron
  22. • Ideal for sauces and stews • Requires care about

    amount due to its strength Cumin
  23. • Sold in 3 variations: sweet, smoked and spicy •

    Recommended for sauces, stews and some arabic preparations or decorations Paprika
  24. • Different spices all mixed up • Also used in

    arabic food • Ideal for bakings and stews Za'atar
  25. Preparation Methods and Techniques 1. Marinades / marinadas 2. Roasts

    / assados 3. Sauces / molhos 4. Braiseds / refogados 5. Stews / cozidos
  26. • Save recipes you enjoyed making • Adapt to your

    style and taste • By writing, you reinforce memory to remember it • You create a history and a tender relation with cooking Recipe Book
  27. Quick Recipe

  28. • 1 large carrot • 1 medium zucchinni • 1

    medium eggplant • ½ onion • 1 garlic clove • Salt and black pepper • Olive oil • Spices • Shoyu sauce Easy-peasy Caponata
  29. 1. Cut the carrot, the zuchinni and the eggplant in

    sticks of 3cm not so thin 2. Chop the onion, fry it with the olive oil and add the garlic when it's almost done 3. Add the carrots and cook for 4 minutes 4. Add the zucchini, the eggplant, the salt and pepper and cook until some water shows up 5. Add the shoyu and the spices until the carrot is tender but not soft and the water became a sauce Easy-peasy Caponata
  30. • Boil the water • Put some drops of vinegar

    • When the water is boiling, put the eggs carefully • Start a 6'30" minutes timer for a mild soft yolk • Start a 7 minutes timer for a hard yolk • Use cool water to lower the temperature and peel it Perfect Boiled Egg
  31. To be continued... Ray Garcia @rayqwiq