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Deployment Strategies with ISTIO

Deployment Strategies with ISTIO

In this presentation, we will talk about some Deployments Strategies and how to manage your release strategy

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  1. Autor: Claudio E. de Oliveira | [email protected] | +55 19

    3705-5775 Data: 26/03/2019 Deployments Strategies
  2. whoami I am Claudio de Oliveira Book Author, Speaker ,

    Software Architect and Developer @sensedia Spring, Java, Microservices and Docker enthusiast
  3. “The goal of the microservice architecture is to accelerate software

    development by enabling continuous delivery/deployment.” https://microservices.io/patterns/decomposition/decompose-by-business-capability.html
  4. sensedia.com The term "Microservice Architecture" ... there are certain common

    characteristics around organization around business capability... https://martinfowler.com/articles/microservices.html
  5. sensedia.com “Why Microservices Are The New Innovation Enablers For Enterprises”

  6. Deployment mean to put the new code into an environment

    Changing production traffic to it! !=
  7. Blue Green Deployment is a technique that primary goal is

    to reduce downtime during deployments https://martinfowler.com/bliki/BlueGreenDeployment.html
  8. “Big Bang” deployments... the full solution is developed and tested

    and then replaces the current system at once.
  9. Releasing our code means bringing live traffic over to our

    new deployment https://www.manning.com/books/istio-in-action
  10. Decoupling deployment and release allows us to more finely control

    how and which users get exposed to the new changes. https://www.manning.com/books/istio-in-action
  11. Canary Release Dark Launches Graduated Rollouts A/B Testing Releases Strategies

  12. Dark Launches The main idea here is testing new features

    to a set of premium users and then measure the adoption or something important for your company. Canary Release Canary Release we want to test a new version of our deployment, see performance and system behavior.
  13. We need to improve performance in register microservice then we’ll

    need to deploy the release v2 of this service Let’s do a canary RELEASE!!!
  14. This technique enables us to split production traffic using request

    attributes to change traffic to the desired deployment
  15. We added a new feature in register microservice then we’ll

    need to deploy the release v3 of this service Let’s do a dark launch RELEASE!!!
  16. The two techniques mentioned earlier are fantastic but sometimes we

    need to go to “production” more confident
  17. This technique enables us to copy live production requests to

    a new deployment out of band of any customer traffic
  18. A service mesh is a distributed application infrastructure that is

    responsible for handling network traffic on behalf of the application in a transparent, out of process manner. https://www.manning.com/books/istio-in-action