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How to copy Spotify in 30 min (April 2016)

3c92732f54e237c3a079fbd51c783697?s=47 Cliff Hazell
April 14, 2016

How to copy Spotify in 30 min (April 2016)

A version of this talk give at Spotify STO for our Agile meet up on April 14th 2016


Cliff Hazell

April 14, 2016


  1. How to copy Spotify in 30 min* Cliff Hazell Coach

    at Spotify Find me on Twitter: @ixhd
  2. Perhaps? Seen our “model” Henrik’s Videos? Conference Talks?

  3. None
  4. All models are wrong… some are useful (just a snap

  5. Some things we avoid Why we avoid them What we

    do instead
  6. None
  7. Culture is necessary but not sufficient

  8. What’s it like inside?

  9. IT Shelf - Project Lolipop Lollipop

  10. None
  11. Pelle 1:1

  12. None
  13. The Story of a Learning Organization

  14. “Be the best at getting better”

  15. Punishing Failure Avoid

  16. None
  17. “Each organisation is perfectly designed for the results it’s achieving”

  18. Celebrate Learning Instead

  19. Hero Worship Avoid

  20. “A system is not the sum of it’s parts, but

    the product of its interactions”
  21. Collaboration Encourage

  22. None
  23. Centralizing all Decisions and Control Avoid

 “Decentralising control requires decentralising both authority to make decisions

    and the information to make them correctly” Don Reinertsen
  25. Leadership at all Levels Encourage

  26. None
  27. Clarity Conditions Constraints

  28. “More companies die of indigestion than starvation”

  29. Clarity != Detail

  30. Celebrate Learning Encourage Collaboration Leadership at all Levels

  31. But, We’re special: “People won’t do work if we don’t

    tell them!” “Teaching, Mentoring and Coaching is too expensive!” “We don’t have time to change how we work”
  32. None
  33. How can I get better at getting better?

  34. Go to the Gemba Safe to Fail experiments Get a

    Mentor or Coach
  35. Thank you Cliff Hazell Coach at Spotify Find me on

    Twitter: @ixhd