What's Next For CloudMode

What's Next For CloudMode

Company Meeting



July 26, 2013


  1. mobileTRAY the tray that fits in the palm of your

    hand introducing The tray concept is elegantly simple. Now you can put your content on a
  2. Dear Internet My online identity is fragmented. Search engines and

    social networks fail to convey who I am. I am the hero of my own life and I have a story. I want to tell MY story. There are things I need to tell my story that I can’t get from the internet today. Things like control, context, timing, all of which are essential components of storytelling. Learning computers is not how I want to spend my life. I want a technology that helps me tell “my” story. I want a communication tool not a toy. I want to tell my story without having to learn to write code, learn to speak some computer language and NO! I do not want to build it myself. Listen, I just want to communicate. I want one place that I can drive traffic to, a place where “I am” the one in control. After all my online identity is still “MY” identity. Oh and another thing, I want my story in the palm of my hand. Did you get that? yours truly, the rest of us. Art by by Hernan Marin
  3. Your Mobile Presence, Evolved. Welcome to our confidential product briefing

    cloudmo.de dhrylanton@cloudmo.de MAIN CONTROL BACK NEXT EXIT STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL
  4. We get it. At cloudMoDe we built a new kind

    of information technology from the ground up. It is called cloudMode. By putting your content in cloudMode you get something you can’t get anywhere else: control over your content even after you share it. We are committed to building tools that help you communicate your story.
  5. go from here to here with one click Introducing our

  6. 1. Go to CloudTRAY.Com Sign Up & Sign in 2.

    drag & drop your content 3. Download mobileTray App from your app store and Type in your username You get your content on mobiletray in 3 simple steps.

  8. x x x x x √ √ √ √ √

    PERFORMANCE The client is native and runs locally. COST No investment. just drag and drop your content on a tray and serve it to the world. MAINTENANCE: Update the content with one click. COMPATIBILITY: There will be a mobile tray for every mobile os. USER EXPERIENCE: Elegant and Simple. Put simply there is nothing better. WHY IS THIS DIFFERENT MobileTray is like having the best of both a mobile app and the mobile web without the limitations. MOBILE TRAY
  9. mobiletray has a flexible framework that covers 90% of what

    people use the web for Search Find People Social Follow/Tweet Articles text w/ image 10 articles Photos image+caption 25 img x 2 set Audio singles (musictray) 3min x 10 Video tapes (videotray) Youtube Link (5) Pro Version STORAGE more content TRAYS ex: premium video on videotray (instead of youtube) CONTROL over the experience who- (privacy) where- (geoLoc) for how long- (freq)
  10. Simple Elegant Powerful mobileTRAY is a solution that’s CloudTRAY Publisher

    NATIVE MobileTRAY Client CloudMoDe Cloud Server
  11. present your CONTENT in a way that doesn’t suck step

    up to a beautiful Cloud The Benefit
  12. from the makers of musictray Michael McFall Technology Director Claim

    to Fame - Invented the Customer Service Chat popup window on the web and founded and grew the company later sold it to askJeeves Dhryl Anton Creative Director Claim to Fame - Created and Produced Studio Connection (iTunes for nextStep) 6 yrs before soundjam MP (later itunes). Founded and grew the company and later sold to a Private Venture Group. Katherine Anton Marketing Director Claim to Fame - Chief Networking Officer and founder of the revolutionary new model for music on the internet: musicTray. The Team founders MAIN CONTROL BACK NEXT EXIT STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL
  13. Your Mobile Presence, Evolved. Thank you please keep confidential cloudmo.de

  14. mission a beautiful cloud doc@cloudmo.de MAIN CONTROL BACK NEXT EXIT

    STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL cloudmo.de : who we are Our mission is to create an accessible luxury brand of cloud computing services, an ideal we call a beautiful cloud™. We are pioneering a new class of "cloud" appliances. We believe that private ubiquitous Data is the power source of an information society. We believe that this will create lasting value for our shareholders, customers, our employees, partners and ultimately human society.