Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps

zure DevOps is an awesome set of DevOps services made for all developers, regardless of language, platform, or cloud. This is a new Microsoft, one that embraces developers - not just those writing .NET apps for Windows.
In this session, I'll walk through some of the Azure DevOps services, focusing mainly on the CI/CD tool - Azure Pipelines. Azure Pipelines has free offerings for both open source and private repositories, and support for many, many languages out-of-the-box. To top it off, I'll show you some of the many integrations available for the tools and 3rd party products you use, as well as some other Azure DevOps services to help you manage your projects.
Whether you're writing C# web apps for Azure or python scripts to run on a Raspberry Pi, working alone or in a team of hundreds, Azure Pipelines and Azure DevOps has you covered.


Christopher MANEU

March 22, 2019