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GoL Clinics for Data : Exploring the Fundamentals of Azure Cosmos DB

GoL Clinics for Data : Exploring the Fundamentals of Azure Cosmos DB

Imagine you building for a solution that requires to handle massive amounts of non-relational data at a global scale with near response times that requires you to easily handle the different schemas for your data. What service would be ideal for you?

In this session we learn why Azure Cosmos DB is the ideal service to this scenario. We’ll also learn the features and capabilities of Azure Cosmos Db and the various supported APIs supported that you could leverage to build you applications.

Christopher MANEU

November 22, 2022

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  1. GoL Clinics for Data : aka.ms/goldataclinic Title Date 1. Fundamentals

    of Azure SQL Nov-01 2. Deploy & Configure Servers Databases for Azure SQL Nov-03 3. Exploring the Fundamentals of Realtime Analytics Nov-08 4. Transforming Data with Azure stream Analytics Nov-10 5. Introduction to Azure Storage Services Nov-15 6. Connecting your Application to Azure Storage Nov-17 7. Exploring the Fundamentals of Azure Cosmos DB Nov-22 8. Working with Azure Cosmos DB Nov-24 9. Introduction to Azure Synapse Nov-29 10. Building high performing data workloads with Azure Synapse Dec-01
  2. https://aka.ms/dataclinics/register AZ-900 Exam Voucher Opportunity Join other GoL learners on

    the path to certification @ https://aka.ms/dataclinics/forum
  3. Prerequisites  Before starting this module you should have some

    familiarity with Microsoft Azure concepts and the Azure portal.
  4. Learning objectives  Describe key features and capabilities of Azure

    Cosmos DB  Identify the APIs supported in Azure Cosmos DB  Provision and use an Azure Cosmos DB instance  Describe the elements in an Azure Cosmos DB account and how they are organized  Explain the different consistency levels and choose the correct one for your project  Describe how request units impact costs
  5. Agenda  Introduction  Describe Azure Cosmos DB  Identify

    Azure Cosmos DB APIs  Explore the resource hierarchy  Explore consistency levels  Discover request units  Exercise: Explore Azure Cosmos DB  Knowledge check
  6. Next steps  Now that you've learned about Azure Cosmos

    DB for non-relational data storage, consider learning more about data-related workloads on Azure by pursuing a Microsoft certification in Azure Data Fundamentals.