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Malt Academy - Listening to your users, from 1 to 100 Millions

Malt Academy - Listening to your users, from 1 to 100 Millions

Christopher MANEU

March 04, 2021

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  1. Listening to (y)our users from 1 to 100 Millions Christopher

    MANEU Startups Cloud Advocate @ Microsoft @cmaneu
  2. @cmaneu

  3. @cmaneu Listening to (y)our users Why listening to our customers?

    How to do it? What ‘s needed to get this back into development process ?
  4. @cmaneu Why

  5. @cmaneu L’abus d’alcool est dangereux pour la santé. Consommer avec

    moderation ☺
  6. @cmaneu Two different softwares A manual unit conversion, with pen,

    paper and a calculator
  7. @cmaneu

  8. @cmaneu Yesterday, Doctolib killed my presentation https://maneu.org/listening-users

  9. @cmaneu Only good reasons to listen to your customers Inform

    Product Management decisions Asses Product- Market fit at feature level Seize uncovered market opportunities
  10. @cmaneu Continuous feedback is a pillar of DevOps https://aka.ms/devops-definition

  11. @cmaneu How

  12. @cmaneu Develop an empathy mindset

  13. @cmaneu Culture of Feedback • It’s not a criticism, its

    not only feedback • Being a good listener is hard • Split substance and emotional load This culture of feedback should be supported by management.
  14. @cmaneu When to do it? From ideation to continuous improvment

  15. @cmaneu Launching a new service with Design Sprint • Pioneered

    by Google Ventures team • Variants used at thoughtbot, InnoLoft, … • Taking inspiration from • Gamestorming book • Design thinking @ Ideo & Stanford d.school • A lot of topics addressed • Business Strategy • Innovation • Behavioral science • Design • …
  16. None
  17. @cmaneu Ways to collect feedback • User sessions, Behavioral analysis

    • User community program • App review • In-Product Feedback • Microfeedback • Top Program Users • Customer support • User advocacy teams (CSM, Advocates) • Customer Champs
  18. @cmaneu User community programs Uservoice-like platforms for features ideas and

    priorization Discourse-like forums for trends & co-building with the community
  19. @cmaneu Learning from App Reviews Focused on 1-star reviews Look

    for specific feedback areas : • Performance • Login • Feature X • Lack of features Weekly review of the ratings. Compilation done by one, reviewed by the whole team. Do not review comments on Friday!
  20. @cmaneu In-app Feedback

  21. @cmaneu In-app Feedback

  22. @cmaneu In-app Feedback { "feedback.v": "1", "feedback.ts": "1451399541", "feedback.type": "Provide

    a suggestion", "feedback.title": "Support the developers", "feedback.body": "Hey,\r\nThis is a great Windows 10 app. I love it !\r\nKudos to the devs 👸🏿🎋 ", "app.version": "", "app.lang": "us", "dev.p": "windowsuniversal", "dev.family": "Windows.Mobile", "dev.arch": "Arm", "dev.brand": "NOKIA", "dev.model": "RM-937_eu_france_219", "dev.display": "432x768", "dev.osver": "10.0.10586.29", "dz.family": "Mobile", "dz.ua": "Deezer/ (WindowsUniversal; 10.0.10586.29; Mobile; us; RM- 937_eu_france_219)", "user.hasal": "True", "user.id": “XXXXXXXXXX", "user.country": "FR", "user.dal": "True", "user.ot": "None" feedback.json feedback.json
  23. @cmaneu Tech & Business In-app feedback

  24. @cmaneu Microfeedback

  25. @cmaneu Microfeedback

  26. @cmaneu Microfeedback > Followup

  27. @cmaneu Scaling Microfeedback Any PM should be able to add

    a feedback piece in a service without days of development. <MicroFeedback inline dislikeQuestion={followUpOnDislike} likeQuestion={followUpOnLike} likeIconTitle="Like" dislikeIconTitle="Dislike" sendFeedback={sendFeedbackCallback} sendFollowUpIndex={sendFollowupIndexCallback} thanksText="Thank you!" tokens={{ followUpBackgroundColor: 'lightgrey' }} /> Microfeedback.jsx Microfeedback.jsx
  28. @cmaneu I’m going to start eating healthy… Me Also Me

  29. @cmaneu Customers don’t always tell the truth • Lean on

    telemetry • Include telemetry data with in-app feedback
  30. @cmaneu Our definition of done

  31. @cmaneu Our definition of done

  32. @cmaneu What

  33. @cmaneu Triaging the feedback Origin Internal Insiders Production Commercial ticket

    Area Accessibility Client Docs Dl & Install Performance Privacy Security I18n / l12n Feature / product Actionnable feedback & Bug Ratio
  34. @cmaneu Make the feedback actionanble • What success look like?

    • What metric can you put in place • Gather the necessary context • Tie back to your objectives
  35. @cmaneu Surface feedback in development backlog

  36. @cmaneu Surface feedback in development backlog

  37. @cmaneu Surface feedback in development backlog

  38. @cmaneu

  39. @cmaneu

  40. @cmaneu Surface feedback within the company

  41. @cmaneu Surface feedback within the company

  42. @cmaneu

  43. @cmaneu Be relentless

  44. @cmaneu Be relentless

  45. @cmaneu Bibliography

  46. Image credits Photo by Gia Oris on Unsplash Photo by

    Emily Morter on Unsplash Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0) Kristina D.C. Hoeppner https://www.flickr.com/photos/4nit sirk/3975502406/in/photostream/ Photo by Arnaud Jaegers on Unsplash Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash Photo by Svetlana Gumerova on Unsplash Photo by UX Indonesia on Unsplash Photo by Annie Spratt from Unsplash
  47. Thanks ! Christopher MANEU Startups Cloud Advocate @ Microsoft @cmaneu