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Implementation of Clean Architecture using FRP

Implementation of Clean Architecture using FRP

Talk by Daria Kovalenko

Даша расскажет о реализации принципов Clean Architecture с использованием FRP (RxSwift).
Что будет:
- решение типовых задач и проблем
- лайфхаки и операторы
Чего не будет:
- унылой теории

This talk was made for CocoaFriday #4 ( https://cocoaheads.org.ua/cocoafriday/4) which took place Jun 14, 2019

Video: https://youtu.be/bTwvSDZhs3I

CocoaHeads Ukraine

June 14, 2019

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  1. Store - fetches data from network - stores data in

    local storage - updates data - creates/deletes stores - switches to other stores
  2. Page - fetches data from store - transforms store data

    for presentation - transforms store data to subpages - sends updates to store - owns store - generates other pages
  3. UIViewController Page User action Next Page Controller Navigator Creates next

    UIViewController Router Next Page Presents next UIViewController
  4. Conclusions - independent layers - changes of store does not

    change UI and vice versa - different ViewControllers can be built in different ways (storyboards, nibs, pin layouts etc) - UI components can be wrapped to RxCocoa and easy binded - needs extra input/output models between layers - need to handle side effects of bindings - control disposeBag for binding on different type of UI - UITableViewCells, subviews to avoid multiple bindings