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Content Aware WordPress theming

September 27, 2014

Content Aware WordPress theming

My talk from WordCamp Providence 2014


September 27, 2014

Other Decks in Programming


  1. We aren’t launching this service until next year, can we

    remove it? Can we add a newsletter signup here? We don’t have anything to put here...
  2. The Problem • Rigid grid systems • WordPress gives non

    technical people total control of their content. • Content changes, as it should. • Clients needs change over time.
  3. Issue with this solution • Limitless layout possibilities to account

    for • Fragmented User Experience • Overwhelming amount of options • Too much control for clients • Good luck moving that content ever.
  4. My Solution • Decisions, not options. • Identify layout modules

    that can be broken by content. • Fallbacks for empty content. • A little bit of math + grid system = a whole lot of awesome.
  5. What to look out for Changing Content • More •

    Less • Longer • Shorter • NULL Trouble Spots • Filtered Content • Sidebars • Widgets • Content Buckets • Inline lists
  6. Empty Queries Yes No Is this content the main focus

    of this page? Display Similar content, or another way to find what they are looking for Display an alternate set of content instead Don’t display anything
  7. Establish what you were looking for in the first place

    State there was nothing found Offer a way to find something else
  8. Widgets • Horizontal widgets are a nightmare • Fixed classes

    on widgets goes against the entire concept of widgets • My solution https://github. com/CodeProKid/Flexible-Widget-Widths
  9. But why? • Saves you time in the end •

    Eliminates jobs you don’t want • Establishes trust between you and your clients • Provides a better user experience