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Wireless Mesh Networking

Colin Dean
September 27, 2014

Wireless Mesh Networking

A (mostly) pictorial lightning talk about wireless mesh networking and its real implementation in Pittsburgh.

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Colin Dean

September 27, 2014

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  1. Wireless Mesh Networking An Alternative Connection for Backup and Everyday

  2. Structure • Point to point backhaul • Local access points

    • AP intercommunication • Devices
  3. Point to Point Backhaul Long distances A B

  4. Local access points Bubbles of connectivity A B

  5. AP internetworking Bubbles combine to make bigger bubbles A B

  6. Devices Join just like any other WiFi access point

  7. • Multiple routes • Power sipping Reliability (hours) (indefinitely)

  8. Grows organically

  9. Wireless equipment is cheap • Prosumer home router ◦ $200

    - $300 ◦ 150 ft range • Enterprise access point ◦ $120 AP, $150 antenna ◦ 500 ft range 2014-09-27: Linksys WRT1900AC @ NewEgg.com vs Ubiquiti Rocket M5-AC + Ubiquiti Omni 5.45 - 5.85 GHz 10dBi Antenna at BalticNetworks.com
  10. Network All The Things

  11. Why?

  12. Who controls your Internet? Your ISP

  13. Who controls your Internet? ISPs all the way down

  14. What happens when

  15. Other means

  16. Same problem!

  17. Neighbors = ISP (Legally.)

  18. Help us WiFi the ‘burgh. www.pittmesh.net www.metamesh.org @metameshllc

  19. Online access points as of September 26, 2014

  20. Attributions Icons via The Noun Project Building by Lil Squid

    Police by Alberto Guerra Quintanilla Lightning by Adam Whitcroft Decrease by Rediffusion Roof by Paulo Sá Ferreira Backpack by Salvador Rivera Radio Tower by Tyler Payne Battery by Edward Boatman Satellite by Benni Renewable Energy by Krisada Quadcopter by Nithin Davis Nanthikkara Bus and Car are public domain. Others PittMesh trihexagon logo and Meta Mesh logo are property of Meta Mesh, LLC. Map is by Stamen Design. Wireless access point picture by Josh Lucas of The Hardware Store.