Themes, styles & more: from zero to hero

Themes, styles & more: from zero to hero

Haven’t you ever wanted to globally change the appearance of your EditTexts or the font face of all TextViews in your Android application? Themes and styles have always been at the heart of Android development when it comes to UI design. They have been around since API 1 after all and a lot of the Android features are built around them. But do you even know how themes and styles works? What is an attribute? And can you explain the difference between a style, a theme, a text appearance or a theme overlay?

If you have never heard of styles and themes or are not entirely sure you can answer the questions above, this presentation is made for you. This talk will dive deep into the Android styling and theming system. You will learn how to leverage it to customize your Android application, reduce duplication in your code and make your styles cleaner, more manageable and more reusable.


Cyril Mottier

April 23, 2018