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Final Boss: Ruby/Rails in the Video Game Industry

Final Boss: Ruby/Rails in the Video Game Industry

Did you know there are video games, both console and handheld, that talk directly to a Rails stack to provide functionality, both in-game and on the web? Did you know that there are Ruby/Rails services running 24/7/365 to process game data for over 40 million players around the world? You will learn about the code, methodologies and tools used to make all of this happen (and gain 5000 Rails XP)!


David Czarnecki

November 05, 2011


  1. Final Boss: Ruby, Rails and Video Games David Czarnecki (@czarneckid)

    Ruby Midwest 2011
  2. @czarneckid http://github.com/czarneckid/

  3. @agoragames http://github.com/agoragames/

  4. Safari: LOL

  5. @mlg

  6. 60,000,000+ players

  7. 1.3 Petabytes of Data in 2011

  8. Wii talks to Rails for Guitar Hero < 5

  9. Problem: Scaling Rails?

  10. Approach: Just Add Scaling

  11. Approach: Christmas is cancelled :(

  12. “After Guitar Hero 3's launch and the associated influx of

    data that was burying us, I remember telling a random person that had just bought Guitar Hero 3 at GameStop not to go online.”
  13. Process

  14. Problem: Process

  15. Approach: Early

  16. Approach: Documentation

  17. Approach: Websites “done”?

  18. Approach: Employ “Overhead”

  19. Game Integration

  20. Problem: Data

  21. Approach: Queue

  22. Approach: Optimize for ...

  23. Approach: Equality

  24. Problem: Leaderboards

  25. Approach: MySQL Leaderboards

  26. Interlude: New Years Eve 2010

  27. Approach: Leaderboard https://github.com/agoragames/leaderboard/

  28. External Services

  29. Problem: Integration

  30. Approach: Force

  31. Approach: Timeout

  32. Approach: Cache

  33. Monitoring and Infrastructure

  34. Problem: Overseer

  35. Approach: runit

  36. Approach: Munin

  37. Approach: Infrastructure Validation

  38. Approach: Named Services

  39. Approach: Death Star x2

  40. #barcraft

  41. Problem: MLG Providence

  42. Approach: First 25 @s @CzarneckiD I can haz code plz?

  43. @czarneckid http://speakerrate.com/events/1142-ruby-midwest-2011