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How to add Scala to Java language projects

How to add Scala to Java language projects

Presentation at the first London Java Unconference, at IBM Southbank 28 Nov 2009.


Richard Dallaway

November 28, 2009

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  1. How to add Scala to Java™ language projects? Richard Dallaway

    @d6y http://spiralarm.com
  2. Mixed compilation Build tools: Ant, Maven IDEs: The big three

    Documentation: Scaladoc, Vscaladoc Testing: ScalaTest, Specs Findbugs (sort of) Code coverage Profilers Debugging CI: Hudson, Cruise All the Java libs & frameworks you use ...what else do you need? Tool chain
  3. None
  4. Collections interop: Java -> Scala OK, Scala -> Java not

    so good, although libs to help. Fixed in 2.8. IDEs have quirks & workarounds. Fixed in 2.8. Common programming mistakes for Scala developers to avoid, see: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1332574 Gotchas
  5. Question What are the barriers to adding Scala—or any JVM

    language—to an enterprise Java app?