ChatOps at AppNeta

ChatOps at AppNeta

5 minute lightning talk for Boston DevOps on how we use ChatOps at AppNeta!


Dan Riti

August 20, 2014


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    @danriti ChatOps? • Monitor and control infrastructure and operations from

    the convenience of a chat room • “Chat as a Multi-User Terminal”
  2. 3.

    @danriti Hubot • Chat bot for automating tasks • Created

    by GitHub • Supports HipChat, Campfire, IRC and more • Easy to extend with scripts • Healthy developer ecosystem
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    @danriti Hubot as a Messenger • Bridges gap between chat

    and tools • Continue using trusted, reliable tools ◦ We don’t want to reinvent the wheel and roll new tools • Reduces the complexity of Hubot scripts ◦ “If you can curl it, you can Hubot it”