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The Ultimate Field Guide: Curating the Web with Sticky Blog Articles

The Ultimate Field Guide: Curating the Web with Sticky Blog Articles

Bloggers sweeten web pages with curated content, making sticky posts. curated posts attract mass traffic. Compares blog content curation to the work of honeybees. The hard work to make sticky honey content pays off, creating a healthy, buzzing hive that grows and evolves.


Darin L. Hammond

December 30, 2015


  1. The Ultimate Field Guide Curating the Web with Sticky Blog

  2. Darin L. Hammond

  3. How to Rock Content Curation Sweet Sticky Content Creation

  4. 1. The Story of Content Curation Curation in Natural and

    Virtual Worlds
  5. The B o x DESIGN

  6. The DESIGN Websites B o x

  7. Honeybees can travel more than 6 miles at 15 MPH

    to find the precise flower and nectar to make their honey.
  8. None
  9. Harvest

  10. POWER

  11. Content

  12. Honeybees curate the richest content to create the stickiest honey.

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  14. Honey Means Hard Work for Bees: • Their wings stroke

    incredibly fast, about 200 beats per second • They fly for up to six miles as fast as 15 miles per hour. • The average bee produces 1/12th teaspoon of honey in her lifetime. • A hive of bees will fly 90,000 miles, to collect 1 kg of honey. Source: http://www.benefits-of- honey.com/honey-bee-facts.html
  15. Feeds a Beehive Honey With Concentrated Nutrients.

  16. Create Super Sugar Sticky Content Honey Bees For Powerful REASONS.

  17. 2. The Need for Content Curation Oversupply Pushes the Search

    for the Best Quality
  18. How?

  19. The Hard Work to Make Sticky Honey Content Pays Off,

    Creating a Healthy, Buzzing Hive That Grows and Evolves.
  20. Honey Content Is Worth Hard Work For the Curator Honey

    Bees • Honey’s sugar yields intense calories high in energy, appealing to the senses. • Honey is sticky, nutritious, and difficult to leave. • The rich food nourishes the hive community.
  21. Bees Are to Producing Honey as Bloggers Are to Curating

    Content. ANALOGY
  22. The glut of information online creates data chaos. While search

    engines effectively filterwaste, the expert human mind combined with technology, blogs, and social media search up the highest quality sources and provide context and analysis for interested online communities. Content Curation Defined
  23. None
  24. • Bloggers use content curation to thrive, draw traffic, become

    experts in their topic areas, and providing rich content to publish. • Fresh information, ideas, authority, and innovation create pages sticky, keeping visitors on site longer. • Expert curation efficiently draws targeted traffic to sites.
  25. Bloggers Sweeten Web Pages With Curated Content, making Sticky Posts.

    Curated Posts Attract Mass Traffic.
  26. Bloggers find rich nectar on high quality sites across the

  27. • Appeals to readers looking for engagement and knowledge •

    Delivers the most innovative ideas quickly • Provides tight organization and makes points efficiently • Captures an author’s personal view, attitude, and expertise • Enhances a blog’s authority and brand • Allows for frequent publishing, attracting targeted, dedicated followers • Attracts search engines, with powerful content focused on valued articles and authors
  28. Bees work together in a hive, and bloggers work together

    in social communities. When curating, bloggers work with the writing other authors and enrich the communities they have built.
  29. 3. Methods of Blog and Social Media Curation How Bloggers

    Can Collect, Process, and Distribute Premium Information
  30. Collecting and Processing the Elite Information • Select, read, and

    annotate the best articles you discover through in-depth research and filtering • Question each article: Is this a credible article? Do I agree? What claims does it make? What evidence does it provide? What links are used? Searching Premium Information • Determine your topic niche and audience, focus only on them, and become an expert through content research • Locate the most reliable and reputable information publishers, and collect them with bookmarks or a feed reader • Spend time daily researching, reading, learning, and sharing the sweetest food source: power content
  31. Writing Sticky Curated Blog Posts on Single or Multiple Sources

    • Create a new, powerful, and emotionally engaging title for your piece • Refer to the author and title of the article, including a link to the original • Summarize the content essentials from one to many sources, crediting each one and providing the link • Create an organization and a thesis for your article • Analyze, contextualize, criticize, add to, and synthesize using your own ideas • Revise your language and ideas for power • Edit and proofread your writing carefully • Publish only your finest writing on your site • Promote your new content in your social media communities
  32. 4. Further Reading and Research Don’t Stop Here: Continue Learning

    the Best Methods of Curation
  33. Processes, Methods, and Purposes of Content Curation • Content Curation

    Primer • Real-Time News Curation, Newsmastering And Newsradars - The Complete Guide Part 1: Why We Need It (follow the links to all 4 parts) • 11 Best Practices for More Effective Content Curation • How to Do Curated Content RIGHT: A Step-by-Step Guide • The Ultimate List of Content Curation Tools and Platforms • 26 Free (or Free-to-Try) Content Curation Tools • 50 Top Content Curation Tools: Find, Share the Best Content Content Curation Tools Best Social Media Management Tools • 12 Best Social Media Management Tools • Updated! A Master List of Social Media Marketing Management Tools • Top 10 Tools For Managing Your Social Media Accounts
  34. Check Out Curata’s Ultimate Diagram of Curation Tools Categorized

  35. Why Curate Content? • To learn, grow, and evolve as

    a blogger • To enrich and develop your social media communities • To establish yourself as an authority, innovator, and influencer • To network with the best writers in your topic area • To draw the attention of traffic and search engines • To quickly increase publishing frequency • To develop your sticky website, market your brand, and promote your ideas
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