The Nook

B8e0106fe173924a082f432f36bf0857?s=47 David Bill
September 26, 2015

The Nook

This is a proposed project my classmates, Miranda Hoffman, Philip Koske, and I developed in our studio class at the Austin Center for Design -

We were tasked with the challenge of creating a vision for the future of the library. We foresee our cities being much more densely populated and space will be limited. Because of that not only will need to share more of our resources but rely upon services for large scale experiences. Because of those constraints, we began to think about how that will influence where and how we learn.
The Nook is our answer. It is an artificial intelligence platform offering immersive 3D virtual learning experiences. Imagine learning French in Paris, France all while you're in your local library in Austin, Texas.

We hope you enjoy the Nook and that it prompts you to think of experiences you would like to make possible.


David Bill

September 26, 2015