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How to build a (better)WordPress Community

How to build a (better)WordPress Community

WordCamp Transylvania 2013 - How to build a (better)WordPress Community

Remkus de Vries

June 01, 2013

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  1. Remkus de Vries @DeFries ForSite Media forsitemedia.nl WP Realm wprealm.com

    WordCamp Europe wp-europe.org Sunday, 2 June, 13
  2. Lead of Dutch WordPress Community - Organizer of WordCamp NL

    - translations - releases - forum Sunday, 2 June, 13
  3. Co-organizing WordCamp Europe which is going to be the most

    awesome WordCamp Europe has ever seen. Sorry Stas ;) Sunday, 2 June, 13
  4. WordPress Community ≠ BuddyPress, but it could What a great

    community is made of Sunday, 2 June, 13
  5. ... and what that really means is you have to

    forget about your big EGO 9 Sunday, 2 June, 13
  6. ... and think of the bigger picture. That is what

    growing a community is all about! 10 Sunday, 2 June, 13
  7. So, drop the ego, find that common goal, define roles

    and just do it Sunday, 2 June, 13
  8. What you need is just this: - Find a leader

    - Language team - Forum team - Community team Sunday, 2 June, 13