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Contribute to CPython

Contribute to CPython

The presentation from SPbPython community / PiterPy meetup about a process of contribution to CPython, CPython GitHub repository's bots.


April 10, 2018

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  1. Quick Guide 1. Create an issue (on b.p.o.) that describes

    your change* 2. Create a new branch in Git 3. Work on changes (e.g. fix a bug or add a new feature) 4. Run tests and make patchcheck 5. Commit and push changes to your GitHub fork 6. Create Pull Request on GitHub to merge a branch from your fork 7. Review and address comments on your Pull Request 8. When your changes are merged, you can delete the PR branch 9. Celebrate contributing to CPython! :) * If an issue is trivial (e.g. typo fixes), or if an issue already exists, you can skip this step.
  2. The Knights Who Say "Ni" https://github.com/python/the-knights-who-say-ni A bot to check

    if the author of a pull request to a Python project has signed the PSF CLA.
  3. Last steps Close the issue on b.p.o. Delete the PR

    branch After merge Celebrate contributing to CPython! :)