Week 4 / Unit 8: Adding Polish (Deonna Hodges)

Week 4 / Unit 8: Adding Polish (Deonna Hodges)


Deonna Hodges

November 21, 2020


  1. Hello! I’m Deonna. @DeonnaHodges

  2. what will we cover? M U R M U R

    Live Demo! Resources
  3. M U R M U R photo credit: johannes-plenio

  4. Shape Shifter (Vector Drawable Animations): https://shapeshifter.design/ Great Shape Shifter Tutorial:

    https://bit.ly/3kQV1iL Best Practices for Themes and Styles: https://developer.android.com/guide/topics/ui/look-and-feel/themes Material Design Specification (Google’s Material design system best practices): https://material.io/design CodePath Guide to Drawables: https://guides.codepath.com/android/drawables Completed Demo of Murmur CodePath UI: https://github.com/deonna/murmur-codepath/tree/completed-demo Flow Layout: https://proandroiddev.com/awesomeness-of-constraintlayout-flow-aa0b5edd5df Hex Opacity Table: https://davidwalsh.name/hex-opacity Cloud Lamp Tutorial: https://bit.ly/3nGPm0o Resources
  5. Any questions? Thanks! @DeonnaHodges