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Invoke - ChatOps: SoCal PSUG

Brandon Olin
September 04, 2018

Invoke - ChatOps: SoCal PSUG

Brandon Olin

September 04, 2018

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  1. Agenda • What Is ChatOps? • Problems/Opportunities • Benefits •

    Frameworks • Examples • PoshBot Overview • Demos • Q&A
  2. What is ChatOps? "We're taking the things we're already doing

    and putting them in line with the conversations we're already having." -James Fryman (StackStorm)
  3. The Problem Bob: Hey Sally, a user called me and

    said hq-frodo1 fell over again. I’m not sure what’s wrong. Can you take a look? Sally: Ok, I don’t know much about that server but I think Brent does. I’ll try and track him down. 2 hours later… Sally: try it now. Brent said he fixed it. Bob: It works! Whatever you or Brent did fixed it. Thanks a bunch!
  4. Opportunities •Improve Context •Share Knowledge •Empower Team - why can’t

    Bob (or Sally) do this? •Reduce Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR) •Fewer Brents
  5. Benefits Social •Knowledge Sharing •Team Empowerment •Situational Awareness •Faster Onboarding

    •Enable Retrospectives Technical •Increased Automation •Reduced MTTR •Better History & Logging •Improved Safety
  6. ChatOps Frameworks •Hubot – JavaScript/CoffeeScript •Errbot - Python •Cog -

    Elixir •Lita – Ruby •Microsoft Bot Framework (.Net, Node.js) •PoshBot - PowerShell •Bot in language of choice (pick your poison)
  7. Command Examples •Restart services •Get/resolve Service Desk tickets •Query APIs

    •Modify AD group membership •Create VMs •Check status of automated processes •Get performance graphs •Query monitoring systems •Deploy code/kick off CI/CD pipeline •Slap people with a trout
  8. PoshBot - A PowerShell-based bot framework •Class-based •Modules => Commands

    •RBAC •Triggers •Scheduled Commands •Command Approvals •Parameter injection •Stateful Data •Channel and Command whitelist/blacklist •Custom middleware •Multiple chat networks • Slack, Teams, GChat
  9. 2 PoshBot receives messages over websocket connection 4 PoshBot sends

    response via HTTP POST 3 PoshBot runs command and collects result 1 User enters: !createvm PoshBot & Slack Messaging Flow
  10. 2 Teams sends message to Bot Framework 3 Bot Framework

    POSTs HTTP message to Azure Function 4 Azure Function drops message On Service Bus 5 PoshBot consumes Service Bus Message over AMQP 7 PoshBot sends response to Teams 6 PoshBot runs command and collects result 1 User enters: @poshbot !createvm PoshBot & Teams Messaging Flow
  11. How To Get There •Start small (read-only) •Make it easy

    to do the right thing •Gain acceptance by: §Getting a champion §Low friction onboarding §Focus on low hanging fruit §Make it fun!
  12. More From Me devblackops.io @devblackops github.com/devblackops github.com/poshbotio https://bit.ly/2wHbiQK https://bit.ly/2NN7PXB psake

    POSHOrigin Watchmen PoshBot plugins NetScaler PasswordState PSHealthZ Operation Validation Framework PowerShellBuild.Common