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Invoke-ChatOps - ChatOps For PowerShell Users

Invoke-ChatOps - ChatOps For PowerShell Users

A talk about the benefits of ChatOps in organizations

Brandon Olin

May 05, 2017

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  1. whoami Brandon Olin Lead Systems Engineer @ Columbia Sportswear @devblackops

    github.com/devblackops devblackops.io PS>Get-Presenter
  2. My first PowerShell script *To the best of my knowledge

    ls *.ps1 -recurse -file | sort lastwritetime | select -first 1 PS>Get-Script | Select-Object –First 1
  3. “We're taking the things we're already doing and putting them

    in line with the conversations we're already having” -James Fryman (StackStorm) PS>Get-Help –Name ChatOps
  4. The Old and Busted PS>Get-OldWay Bob: Hey Sally, a user

    called me and said the server hq-frodo1 fell over again. I'm not sure what's wrong. Can you take a look? Sally: Ok, I don't know much about that server but I think John does. I'll try and track him down. 2 hours later... Sally: try now Bob: It works! What ever you did fixed it! Thanks a bunch!
  5. The New Hotness PS>Get-NewWay JoeUser: Hey Bob, we got a

    report that hq-frodo1 is not responding. Can you take a look? Bob: Sure, one sec. Bob: bender test-application --computer hq-frodo1 Bender: Application [MyAwesomeApp] on hq-frodo1 is not responding :( Bob: bender get-diskusage --computer hq-frodo1 Bender: hq-frodo1 disk usage: Volume Size Used Free C:\ 50GB 50GB 0GB Bob: bender clean-disk --computer hq-frodo1 Bender: Cleaned up temp files on hq-frodo1: Before: Volume Size Used Free C:\ 50GB 50GB 0GB After: Volume Size Used Free C:\ 50GB 22GB 28GB Bob: bender test-application --computer hq-frodo1 Bender: Application [MyAwesomeApp] on hq-frodo1 is responding normally :) JoeUser: Thanks Bob!
  6. So what can Bots Do? PS>Get-ChatBotScript • Restart services •

    Get / set /resolve Service Desk ticket • Query APIs • Modify AD group membership • Create VMs • Check status of automated processes • Get performance graphs • Query monitoring system for alerts • Deploy code / Kick off pipeline • Anything really…
  7. PS>Get-PoshBot PoshBot PowerShell-based bot framework • PowerShell 5 • Class-based

    • Modules for bot command packaging/distribution • Roll-based Access Control • Command/event/regex triggers • Multiple chat networks* github.com/poshbotio/PoshBot
  8. Useful PoshBot Plugins PS>Get-PoshBotPlugin ServiceNow • !get-tickets --last 5 •

    !resolve-ticket --id 12345 --message ‘I fixed all the things’ vSphere • !new-vm --dc 'MyDatacenter01' --vcpu 2 -ram 4 • !snapshot-vm --name server01 --description 'Hold my beer, I'm going to try something' --keepdays 2 CMDB • !get-cmdbinfo --name server01 Monitoring • !get-alerts --computername server01 –critical • !run-smoketest --computername server01 --test componantA
  9. Brandon Olin @devblackops github.com/devblackops devblackops.io Get-Links PoshBot: https://github.com/poshbotio/PoshBot Other Interesting

    Projects Watchmen: https://github.com/devblackops/watchmen PSHealthZ: https://github.com/devblackops/PSHealthZ POSHOrigin: https://github.com/devblackops/POSHOrigin POSHOrigin_vSphere: https://github.com/devblackops/POSHOrigin_vSphere NetScaler: https://github.com/devblackops/NetScaler PasswordState: https://github.com/devblackops/PasswordState