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Serverless .., hoe, wat en vooral waarom?

September 27, 2018

Serverless .., hoe, wat en vooral waarom?

Jan de Vries


September 27, 2018

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  1. @Jan_de_V “If your PaaS can efficiently start instances in 20ms

    that run for half a second, then call it serverless.” Adrian Cockcroft - VP Cloud Architecture Strategy AWS
  2. @Jan_de_V { "disabled": false, "bindings": [ { "type": "queueTrigger", "direction":

    "in", "name": "myQueueItem", "queueName": "myqueue-items", "connection": "MyStorageConnectionAppSetting" }, { "type": "httpTrigger", "name": "req", "direction": "in", "dataType": "binary" } ] }
  3. @Jan_de_V • CFP Exchange • Service bus binding • Imperative

    binding met Blob storage • FunctionsWithAuthentication • Http triggers met authenticatie • Minifier • Volledig serverless oplossing