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My Role Of Being A CTO

My Role Of Being A CTO

André Neubauer

February 12, 2019

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  2. My journey (so far) • Computer science studies • data

    experts - IT consultant • ImmobilienScout24 - Sofware Engineer, Team lead, Head of ... • Business Administration & Entrepreneurship Studies • Deutsche Post, E-POST – Director Engineering, VP Product, CTO • Mister Spex – CTO Education Career
  3. My jobs as being a CTO https://www.flickr.com/photos/ojimbo/5755042801 • Platform strategy

    • Technology upgrades • Hiring • Business agility • Due diligence process • Post merger integration • Contract negotiation • Cloud migration • Tool decisions • Roadmap planning • ...
  4. „I need to become a CTO“ – The misunderstood career

    path?! Software Engineer Teamlead Head of CTO Specialist Generalist • Try to become outstanding in your decipline. • Don‘t strive for the next position just for the sake of it (Peter principle – "In a hierarchy every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence.") Mastery
  5. CTO !== CTO ... It‘s all about context CTO Role

    By Organizational Needs Tom Berray, Raj Sampath Pioneers, Settlers, Town Planners Simon Wardley
  6. It‘s more than „tech“ ... but leadership My best career

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  7. My interpretation à Chief Tailwind Officer* • Gather the right

    people around you. Hiring is mission-critical • Encourage people to step up and take over responsibility • Help with decisions and share the „whole picture“ • Challenge the status quo and give impetus • Act as a role model * Created by Johann-Peter Hartmann, Mayflower