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The Pitfall of Platform Engineering

The Pitfall of Platform Engineering

- What is platform engineering?
- What are the goals?
- What pitfalls exist when entering for platform engineering?
- How we implemented Platform Engineering without a central team.

André Neubauer

October 24, 2023

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  1. 2 Who we are and what we do • Europe’s

    leading trust brand • >30K business customers • >30M consumer • ~100 engineers • >1B impressions/ month • Container + serverless @ AWS Jan Ritter Principal Software Engineer #infrastructure #operations André Neubauer Chief Technology Officer #leadership #techpowerhouse
  2. 3 The Evolution of Collaboration between Dev & Ops Platform

    Engineering Ops Dev DevOps “One team fits all”
  3. 5 Why Platform Engineering? Separating infrastructure ground work from adopting

    it keeps focus of software engineering teams while running on a resilient platform. Software Engineering Team Platform Engineering Team +
  4. 7 The Platform Engineering Pitfall Team A Team B Team

    C Platform Engineering Team Separating infrastructure ground work results in organizational dependencies To ensure they don’t become toxic, Platform Engineering needs to be stuffed sufficiently ⚡
  5. 9 Our Approach Common Improvements Team A Team B Team

    C No dedicated team! But: All Software Engineering Teams contribute to common platform improvements
  6. 10 Guidelines Created together including guardrails, examples, tips and tricks

    ➜ Establishing a common understanding Blueprints Deriving common improvements for everyone from tackling your local problem Distinguish between … &
  7. 11 Blueprints - Terraform Modules Core Module Bundles AWS resources

    with safe presets Core Module Use Case Module Solves a specific use case
  8. 12 Blueprints - Tools / Approaches Migration / discovery scripts

    Easier and more secure deployments from CI/CD to AWS
  9. 14 Take away(s) 1. Platform is a powerful tool to

    build a high-quality infrastructure/ environment. 2. It’s not about an organizational setup but a standardized approach to simplify infrastructure. 3. If you have a dedicated team, stuff it sufficiently. 4. If you follow a decentralized approach, ensure alignment. Many roads lead to Rome …