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Elementary (Celebrity Recognition), My Dear Watson

Jaime Lopez
September 30, 2017

Elementary (Celebrity Recognition), My Dear Watson

Do you ever have trouble matching a name to a face? Or wondered if someone was considered a bonafide ‘celebrity’? Well, wonder no further! In this talk, we’ll build a microservice in Swift that will use IBM Watson’s Visual Recognition API to figure out who is a celebrity!

Jaime Lopez

September 30, 2017

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  1. JAIME LOPEZ JR ▸ Past - iOS Lead at OfferUp

    ▸ Now - iOS Engineer at Simple ▸ @DevWithTheHair ▸ https://github.com/devwiththehair
  2. AGENDA ▸ IBM Cloud Functions & Watson Visual Recognition ▸

    Microservice in Swift ▸ Hands-on Code