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Online Survey Tips & Tricks for Better Response- Divergent Insights

Online Survey Tips & Tricks for Better Response- Divergent Insights

Divergent Insights helps you understand how online survey is useful in terms of a growing business. We give you tips and tricks for online surveys to get a better response from your audience. We help you understand the customer's needs, define your goal accordingly, specify your services, make an independent platform for your audience and provide them better services. Follow us to know more: https://www.divergentinsights.com/


Divergent Insights

March 05, 2020


  1. { Online Survey: 10 Tips & Tricks for better response

    Let us understand in detail • Singapore • India • South Korea * China * UAE We help turn fortune!
  2. Tips & Tricks: An online Survey provides right guidance in

    terms of the next step in your business. It helps you with clear, concise, reliable, and actionable insights so that you can take right business decisions. We have experience of managing various online surveys with higher response rates, better quality of data and the required ease to users for filling out the surveys. Online Survey
  3. 1. Cover every aspect: Your survey should cover every aspect

    important for collecting data and transforming it into a well-defined report. Response to your online survey will be better if you often connect with your customers. Hence, it is important to have a custom online survey for different points of interactions. However, you will have to ensure that the communication is very clear and the way you connect is meaningful too. It is never advisable to bombard with too many surveys. Online Survey: Tips & Tricks
  4. 2. Understanding the audiences: Get to know your audience. For

    any kind of online survey it is always advisable to understand the audiences. Even before you start working on an online survey, you should conduct a detailed research on the target audiences’ and user demographics. You should only use content that can be easily understood by your target audience. Online Survey: Tips & Tricks
  5. 3. Define Goals: You should have a well-defined purpose of

    survey and set goals according to it. You should make surveys actionable by navigating the survey users through different landing pages based on their initial responses. It is well proven that Interactive surveys drive greater return on investment (ROI) and help reduce bounce rate for your online surveys. Online Survey: Tips & Tricks
  6. 4. Mobile Friendly: The world is going mobile. Whenever you

    plan any online survey, keep in mind that your surveys should cater to the mobile audiences i.e. you should use mobile friendly survey tools such as Dive-in Panels, keep questions to-the-point and prefer multiple choice questions (MCQs) over descriptive type questions. Online Survey: Tips & Tricks
  7. 5. Don’t Control: You should let your online survey be

    free from any kind of protection like ‘password protected’, ‘limiting sharing’, ‘subscribe before participating’, etc. It is essential to use simple platforms and ways to get maximum response during your survey. Let people get engaged more to your survey with multiple means. Online Survey: Tips & Tricks
  8. 6. Be Specific: You should be very specific in terms

    of choosing the questions and answers of your online survey campaign. You should also ensure that answer choices are well planned and don’t create any kind of confusion among the participants while responding the survey. Do not offer vague answers. Be precise and comprehend all possible options so that more and more people can relate and respond. Online Survey: Tips & Tricks
  9. 7. Social Sharing: Social Sharing is very important for any

    online survey. Your online survey can go miles if social sharing is enabled. You should encourage your online participants and other people to share the online survey on their social media channels. You should connect with your audience on social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc. and invite them to participate for better performance. Online Survey: Tips & Tricks
  10. 8. Make it Simple: Make your online survey very simple

    right from the start to the end for your participants. You should make sure that your users are at ease with your survey. You should also ensure that surveys are simple to understand, quick to respond and easy to share. Online Survey: Tips & Tricks
  11. 9. Track it well: In today’s progressing environment it is

    difficult to wait and watch. In the fast-paced business environment, promoting surveys through traditional means is not enough. Track your online surveys completely to know who is attempting and how, which platforms are doing better or bringing more response, at what time people are more active - and adapt accordingly. Online Survey: Tips & Tricks
  12. 10. Use Brand: Online Survey form should have your brand

    colours and elements so that the users can easily relate it. The survey that matches the look and feel of your brand is likely to get more responses and shares. Online Survey: Tips & Tricks
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