App Store Submission

App Store Submission


Daniel Radev

April 25, 2013


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    App Store Submission • Preparation, i.e do your homework •

    iTunes Connect • Xcode • App Store marketing
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    Approval Process • The process - Takes up to 2

    weeks for a new app to get approved, takes 3 to 5 business days for each update to get approved • The good - They will catch bugs for you • The bad - No visibility to the process
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    Preparation • iOS Developers program - $99/year • Production certificate

    • Distribution provisioning profile • Optional profiles: - APNS production certificate - iCloud provisioning profile - InApp purchase provisioning profile
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    Check List • Fix as many app crashes as you

    find before you submit • Use Instruments to check for memory leaks and performance problems • Do not use private libraries, not defined in the SDK • Comply with the Human Interface Guidelines • You can’t charge additional functionality outside the App Store
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    Check List • Since May 1st, 2013 - Your App

    must fully support iPhone 5, i.e 4’’ screen - 1136x640? - Your App must not use UDID for any purpose?
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    App Submission States • Prepare For Upload - enter or

    edit metadata, screenshots, pricing, etc • Waiting For Upload - indicates that you are ready to submit the app • Waiting For Review - appears after you submit a new app or update and before the app is reviewed by Apple • Ready For Sale - appears after the binary has been approved and the app is posted to the App Store
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    Deployment Strategies • Deployment strategy in a locked App Store

    - plan your versioning and updates • If your App uses a backend server - Go live with your production server when you submit - If your server is down or someone screws up while Apple is testing - Panic, blame someone else, fix the thing - Work on version 1.1 while waiting for approval
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    App Store Marketing • Getting downloads on App Store is

    different from getting visitors to your website • Most downloads are through word of mouth (think WhatsApp, Mailbox, Clear) • Analytics won’t help you for the most part • Customers are your marketers • No SEO
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    Getting Featured • Unlike most other App Stores, you can’t

    talk to someone at Apple to get featured • If someone (a marketer) promises to get your App featured, ignore him • Apple features apps that use “a cool hardware or OS feature” - Apps with push notifications - Apps for Passbook
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    • Yes, Apple is closed • Bitching around is not

    going to help your business or make you rich • ... unless you are a journalist • Think, what’s next • Win the Apple way - have the best product around and sell it for a profit