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Graphic design and UI/UX

Dmitry Tolonen
February 27, 2023

Graphic design and UI/UX

Dmitry Tolonen

February 27, 2023

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  2. Research: Arda Acikalin, Yemeskabeba Gessesse, Omar Ismail Mfarij and Dmitry

    Tolonen Illustration: Dmitry Tolonen Startup Investment in the Nordic Supercell (2010) Spotify (2006) Klarna (2005) Rovio Entertainment (2003) Symphogen (2000) founded count 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 1995 1997 2000 2003 2005 2007 2010 2012 80 0 100 200 300 SWE DAN FIN NOR ISL Number of startups Countries ISL (43.8%) FIN (39.7%) NOR (26.5%) DAN (25.2%) SWE (20.0%) ISL (43.8%) FIN (39.7%) NOR (26.5%) DAN (25.2%) SWE (20.0%) SWE (37.82%) NOR (11.76%) FIN (23.29%) DAN (25.21%) ISL (1.92%) SWE (37.82%) NOR (11.76%) FIN (23.29%) DAN (25.21%) ISL (1.92%) Debt financing by Seed stage funding by Total number of startups in each Nordic country • the startups are largely driven by the software, biotech and mobile market segments. When were the well-known companies founded? • the startups are largely driven by the software, biotech and mobile market segments. • The top 5 funded startups can be found in entertainment (Spotify leading the way), biotech (Symphogen), payments (Klarna), clean technology (NorSun), and games (Supercell) Top 5 popular markets in the Nordic countries Biotechnolog Mobile Gaming Cleantech Software #1: Alison Warner - Case Study of Developing a Show with 'The Deep' The Nick Dorra Show Nick Dorra - Finland Alison Warner recently joined Blue Zoo Productions as MD of a brand-new division, Blue Zoo Rights, and is charged with managing the company’s portfolio of original content, which includes BAFTA award-winner Numberbvlocks and BAFTA nominated Digby Dragon. Prior to that, Alison served as Vice President of I.P. Sales, Acquisitions and Co-Productions for Technicolor Creative ... 10 10 15 15 #1: Alison Warner - Case ... Directors in Animation Music Planet: Road Trip The Nick Dorra Show Broken Record with Rick Rubin Scriptnotes 10 10 Welcome to Podster today's most popular: Podium Your monthly look at the latest podcast apps Podcasts is a media player application developed by Apple Inc. for playing podcasts from the iTunes Store. It is available for the iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, watchOS, and macOS operating systems. A standalone Podcasts app was initially released for iOS on June 26, 2012, after formerly being a section of the iTunes app. It was followed by launches on Apple TV on September 24, 2012, tvOS on January 26, 2016, and watchOS on September 17, 2018. It was released with macOS Catalina on October 7, 2019 as one of three applications created to replace iTunes. Download Podcasts: www.apple.com TEXT: WIKIPEDIA IMAGE/MOCKUP/ILLLUSTRATION: DMITRY TOLONEN

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  5. 1 review review 1 caused a bit of a stir

    for some critics, who didn’t like to hear a foreign language on an English stage, so it connected with our themes of live music and xenophobia in a light way. These are just fun hidden links - there’s even a superficial Freudian id-ego- superego progression between the characters linked to the fear of the unknown in society, which is resolved positively! PM: How was it received? DT: By all accounts, the campaign and spots went very well and attracted a lot of audience for the season. ‘Opera’ ran all over Brisbane during the Anywhere Festival, from television, the festival site and social media to public places - it was even on the ferry in brisbane! added grain to match the feel of the actor’s footage, warped the birds from two angles and added a fake digital rack focus. The spot was shot on a Canon DSLR and primes back in the day so I had to do a test for how its monochrome filters looked like with the colours in the church. Also, I hadn’t done anything in slow motion, so I wanted to test that for the pacing of the edit. Like everything else, the sound and music were hand-crafted. Foley was done at an empty car park and by the pier in Porvoo and the Handel piece was recorded simply in Garageband, trying to get it right, but also to sound ‘a bit off.’ I like little human touches and imperfections like that. The music is from a Handel opera, Rinaldo, which though popular when it premiered DT: The shoot, including all visual effects, was all planned out, scheduled and storyboarded. The main visual effects involved using stock or shot footage of doves, which were to burst out of the businessman’s chest as a visual metaphor of his joy. Doves - yes I know - they’re a staple of such scenes, but I hadn’t seen them done quite this explosively. The burst is quite sudden, almost like the Alien - or Mars Attacks! (laughs) PM: Was it a lot of work? DT: Not too much - mainly, it was about achieving the right pacing and feel to match the camera footage. So, like a magic trick, I did it in three quick cuts leading to the wide at the end. I composited in the colour bird footage, made it monochrome, PM: How was the shoot and working with the actors? DT: Producing this spot was pretty seamless. After scouting and tests, we managed to get St. John’s Church in Helsinki for free for the day and the authorities were very supportive, based on my description and storyboards. Then, happily, I got to cast the very talented Manuela Bosco and Bach Co Tran. They were great - really supportive as I set up each shot. Co himself trained as a director and was able to man the camera for a shot I was in (another actor had to cancel two days earlier so I stepped in). Manuela, an Olympic athlete who trained as an actor in Italy, was very gracious as I ran through the invisible VFX and sounds she needed to react to. PM: Was this sparked by anything specific? DT: No, but I think it’s often good to subvert our dramatic expectations and provide empathy as a behavioural ‘out’ for characters. I conceived of this character, possibly a foreigner, in a church or shopping centre who looks or acts suspiciously to us and our female protagonist. Instead of a terrorist or something, he turns out to be a shy businessman at a turning point in his sad professional life and it’s his suppressed joy of operatic song which provides the emotional release needed to make changes in his life. Who says art can’t heal - it’s a kind of one-man private flash mob! Portfolio Magazine: perhaps you could introduce yourself and take us through your process for this spot? DT: Sure thing. I’m Dmitry Tolonen, a writer-director - although I work on whatever I need to get a job done. My friend Paul Osuch, with whom I’d already worked in London, had created this fantastic new theatre festival concept in Brisbane and I planned to make a set of commercials for it. The original idea was to combine the then popular ‘flash mob’ performances with an introvert character’s private passion for singing. Also, back then, we were seeing some xenophobic trends emerging around the world, so I wanted to add a subliminal theme of not being so afraid of strangers in public places. Writer-director Dmitry Tolonen recalls the process for ‘His Favourite Opera,’ a one man crew commercial produced for the Brisbane-based Anywhere Festival. Anatomy of a Spot “The original idea was to combine the then popular ‘flash mob’ performances with an introvert character’s private passion for singing.”
  6. It came from beyond the fabrics design clairvoyance 1 North

    Rodeo Drive +1 310-555-5555 1 review review 1
  7. 35€ Problem Solver. If only every problem were as simple

    as OKEA. Ruby Tech Starter Kits Channel your inner engineer with our new tech starter kits. Learn everything from coding to the dark art of soldering. 1 review review 1
  8. A new startup contacted us about creating a logo for

    their entry into multiple markets... here's a brief look into our process and the options with which the client can proceed! Client: Foreign Element, Helsinki Brief: create initial logo explorations for possible branding assignment together with company, who want their image to reflect both their range of industries as well as their values in a professional, cohesive but tongue-in-cheek way • Pollination as symbol of imagination and creativity, perhaps using a chemical/elemental metaphor, periodic table and discovering new elements • Ironic use of the word 'foreign' to defuse negative connotations • Graphically showing 'minority' as part of a whole, like a pie chart • Opening up logo and branding to embrace multiple industries - small consultancy working in media, writing, translation, tech, community and cross- disciplinary projects A Stranger Calls Exploring logo alternatives with a client entering multiple markets 2 Sketch & chat brainstorming with the client 1 First contact: finding values/key words 3 Developing, Iterating and Shortlisting Pollination Minority = part of a whole Defusing 'foreign' f f f f e e e Hvitträsk - also like panavision screens? fe foreign element element Foreign Element Imagination foreign element F E foreign element f

    more than any of Virginia Woolf's other novels, conveys the complexities of human experience. Tracing the lives of a group friends, The Waves follows their development from childhood to youth and middle age. 'A book of great beauty and prose poem of genius' Stephen Spender Edited with an introduction and notes by Kate Flint (text from Penguin) 'Woolf's novels are full of sensuous touches... and the sounds of her words can be velvet on the page' MAGGIE GEE DAILY TELEGRAPH Modernist masterpiece re-interpreted for an age of lost nuance Text: lorem ipsum Illustration: Dmitry Tolonen Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. Aliquam vel quam ut tellus gravida faucibus. Vivamus justo est, elementum vitae, malesuada eu, fermentum in, sapien. Donec sit amet justo. In velit. Vivamus turpis pede, dignissim sed, scelerisque nec, pretium sit amet, dui. Nam nec felis non turpis hendrerit varius. In ultrices ornare lorem. Quisque bibendum, massa sed venenatis malesuada, diam ipsum blandit urna, vel ultricies pede nulla vitae lacus. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Quisque in augue. Donec aliquam magna nonummy enim. Proin blandit imperdiet sem. Donec malesuada, urna sit amet varius aliquam, nibh tortor laoreet turpis, eget sodales felis nibh ac sapien. Fusce eget augue. Integer sed risus. Aenean mollis. Donec facilisis egestas quam. Duis bibendum augue id mauris. Sed laoreet, tortor vel cursus fringilla, turpis elit vestibulum arcu, eu varius dolor leo in nulla. In sem ipsum, faucibus quis, varius tristique, porta eget, lorem. Curabitur hendrerit diam et mauris. Etiam porta nunc euismod dui. Maecenas a lectus. In hac habitasse platea dictumst. Suspendisse id massa. Nullam porta velit sed lacus. Duis eleifend, felis eu euismod lacinia, felis erat feugiat nisl, vitae congue leo velit a massa. Quisque nec justo a turpis posuere tristique. Maecenas condimentum tincidunt lorem. Vestibulum vel tellus. Sed vulputate. Morbi massa nunc, convallis a, commodo gravida, tincidunt sed, turpis. Aenean ornare viverra est. Maecenas lorem. Aenean euismod iaculis dui. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. Nulla quam. Aenean fermentum, turpis sed volutpat dignissim, diam risus facilisis nibh, sit amet iaculis est turpis non tellus. Nunc a mauris. Proin eget ligula. Nam cursus libero. Vestibulum velit orci, bibendum eget, molestie eu, sagittis non, leo. Nullam sed enim. Duis ac lorem. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Suspendisse potenti. Sed tincidunt varius arcu. Mauris vitae arcu sit amet quam condimentum pulvinar. Aenean arcu elit, accumsan id, consequat ornare, lobortis vitae, ligula. Quisque vitae velit ac sapien placerat suscipit. Donec mollis justo sed justo pellentesque sollicitudin. Duis bibendum adipiscing nibh. Maecenas diam risus, molestie ut, porta et, malesuada eget, nisi. In fermentum leo sed turpis. Sed lacus velit, consequat in, ultricies sit amet, malesuada et, diam. Integer mauris sem, convallis ut, consequat in, sollicitudin sed, leo. Cras purus elit, hendrerit ut, egestas eget, sagittis at, nulla. Integer justo dui, faucibus dictum, convallis sodales, accumsan id, risus. Aenean risus. Vestibulum scelerisque placerat sem. In eget sapien vitae massa rhoncus lacinia. Nullam at leo nec metus aliquam semper. Phasellus tincidunt, ante nec lacinia ultrices, quam mi dictum libero, vitae bibendum turpis elit ut lectus. Sed diam ante, lobortis sed, dignissim sit amet, condimentum in, sapien. Pellentesque nec lectus Woolf in sheep’s clothing The future of art education? Analog or Digital Illustrations: Dmitry Tolonen
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    year Z big the Frank Zappa lays out the vector for his success in unauthorised graphic memoir Copywriting Write business focused and metrically authentic poetry for profit for poets In short Anatomy of a shot: visual effects breakdown Kernel Investment rebrand Coffee infographics Issue 3 February 2021 Are you experienced? Explore the world UI, logo and UX