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SEMA Show 2023 - Customers Are The New Influencers

Jason Dodge
November 02, 2023

SEMA Show 2023 - Customers Are The New Influencers

Search engines are constantly changing their algorithms. How do you draw new influencers to your site? Content must now educate and convert browsers into paying customers. Gain actionable insights to help your brand determine how customers search for solutions to problems and products to fulfill their needs. Understand who you’re competing with for attention online and how nano influencers can effectively market a brand to social-media followers and play a larger role in the new economics of search.

Jason Dodge

November 02, 2023


  1. Customers Are the New Influencers Jason Dodge - Founder BlackTruck

    Media + Marketing Nano-influencers and the new economics of search
  2. Big takeaways 01 Search Has Power with Customers 02 Leveraging

    User-Generated Content 03 The Nano-influencer Advantage 04 Create Content that Engages
  3. Understand intent Shopping & E-commerce Summit, Jegs, Quadratec, 4WD, Speedway

    Aggregators & UGC Forums, Videos, Social, Review Sites
  4. Inspiration I want to build that… I want to race

    Drag Week… I want to learn to drift…
  5. Take action 01 Visibility in Search – Think Beyond Your

    Site 02 Leveraging User-Generated Content 03 Embrace The Nano-Influencer 04 Content That Engages - Converts
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