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Trends Beyond Rankings - A New Era of SEO & Destination Visibility

Trends Beyond Rankings - A New Era of SEO & Destination Visibility

An eye-opening journey through the evolving landscape of search and how it intersects with the traveler’s journey. This presentation addresses the significant shift in focus from traditional ranking metrics to a broader perspective of online visibility, crucial for destinations looking to stand out in the digital landscape. Learn to navigate the nuances of search engine results pages (SERP) with an eye on traveler intent, honing the art of keyword research that aligns with the stages of travel planning, and delve into creating content that not only stands out but resonates with travelers’ needs and aspirations. This session is ideal for destination marketers looking to keep up with the ever-changing world of search, tools and techniques to be aware of, and how you can guide travelers from initial curiosity to booking their next adventure in today’s competitive environment.

Jason Dodge

March 27, 2024

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  1. Trends Beyond Rankings A New Era of SEO & Destination

    Visibility Jason Dodge – Founder BlackTruck Media + Marketing Slides: bit.ly/dmawest24
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  3. @DodgeJD #DMAwestTechSummit Journey 01 Search Has Evolved 02 Be In

    The Traveler’s Journey 03 Adapting SEO Strategies 04 AI and Your Visibility
  4. @DodgeJD #DMAwestTechSummit Update Benefits Quality Focus Combat low-quality content by

    40% Spam Reduction Minimizing clutter significantly Listen: bit.ly/theredirect
  5. @DodgeJD #DMAwestTechSummit What Do I Do? Spam Reduction Reduce your

    dependency on AI content Quality Focus Useful content, moving beyond SEO
  6. @DodgeJD #DMAwestTechSummit But while Google was found to perform better

    than search rivals Bing and DuckDuckGo, Google’s misfires are magnified, given that it commands over 90% of the world’s search. “ “
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    Featured Snippets People Also Ask Featured Video
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    Snippets People Also Ask (PAA) Reviews & Ratings Understanding Search Engine Results Pages (SERP)
  9. @DodgeJD #DMAwestTechSummit JTBD And Travel Exposes unmet needs or under-served

    experiences. Detect emerging demand spaces based on what they value. Mapping the connected customer journeys and touchpoints. Identify the needs, gaps and pain points. Transactional Navigational Informational
  10. @DodgeJD #DMAwestTechSummit 01 Read The SERPs – Beyond 10 Blue

    Links 02 Be In The Traveler’s Journey 03 Adapting Your SEO Strategies for Modern Search 04 AI & Regional Visibility Take Action
  11. Let’s Connect Jason Dodge – Founder & CEO [email protected] blacktruckmedia.com

    @dodgejd Thank You! Over three decades of expertise in digital marketing, with international recognition for outstanding achievements in SEO, digital advertising, content creation, and data analytics. Slides: bit.ly/dmawest24