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AMA West Michigan - Customers & The New Economics of Search

AMA West Michigan - Customers & The New Economics of Search

Presentation delivered at the American Marketing Association of West Michigan event by Jason Dodge of BlackTruck Media + Marketing. The deck covers many of the trends in modern search engines, the power that search engines like Google still have, and how our own customers are becoming a stronger advocate for our products. Discover tactics for leveraging user-generated content, your own website, social platforms and more.

Jason Dodge

January 16, 2024

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  1. Customers Are The New Influencers Nano-influencers and the new economics

    of search Jason Dodge – Founder BlackTruck Media + Marketing Slides:
  2. Big Takeaways 01 Search Has Power with Customers 02 Leveraging

    User-Generated Content 03 The Nano-influencer Advantage 04 Create Content that Engages
  3. I want to build that… I want to race Drag

    Week… I want to learn to… Inspiration
  4. 01 Visibility in Search – Think Beyond Your Site 02

    Leveraging User-Generated Content 03 Embrace The Nano-Influencer 04 Content That Engages - Converts Take Action
  5. Let’s Connect Jason Dodge – Founder & CEO [email protected] blacktruckmedia.com

    @dodgejd Thank You! 30+ years of digital marketing experience and recognized internationally for excellence in SEO, Digital Advertising, and Content Marketing.