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Random Hacks of Kindness (RHoK) Summer Hackathon

Random Hacks of Kindness (RHoK) Summer Hackathon

Presented as part of the Director's Lunch Talk series, to the Centre for Supercomputing & Astrophysics, Swinburne University of Technology.


Dr. Arna Karick

December 07, 2015


  1. CAS Director’s Lunch,7th December 2015

  2. Summer Hackathon 5th & 6th December @randomhacks @RHoKAustralia @rhokmelb #rhok

  3. 2009 Hacker Dojo Mountain View CA 2010 Microsoft Washington DC

    6 satellite events “winning” hack: CHASM landslide prediction 2013 (RHoK 5.0) UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver 2012 Global Hack theme sanitation & water quality
  4. None
  5. It begins with IDEATION Working with the changemakers (late October)

    Start by asking the right questions figuring out the problem Ponder over pizza and drinks! Thanks Aconex TILT COMMIT FILL ENJOY
  6. None
  7. Organising Committee meeting at Pozzible HQ Info Night at Aconex

    (Late November)
  8. i.pee.freely http://changingplaces.org.au Right Click! FoodUP! http://www.tffchallenge.com/team/ 2014/food-up/ On a Roll

    21 http://www.onaroll21.com Melbourne Maker Space Mapping project http://melbournemakerspace.org ~70 people Business analysts Software developers Web and application developers Industrial and graphic designers Writers & Communicators Researchers Project managers Teachers Generally clever and interesting people with fresh ideas Changemakers RHoKstars
  9. $30,000 and 1 year support for kickstarting projects from Amazon

    Web Services and Base2
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  25. It wasn’t just Melbourne. RHoK GLOBAL summer & winter hacks

    during Nov/Dec Bangalore, Sydney, Brisbane, Washington, Johannesburg
  26. http://www.rhokaustralia.org http://www.rhokaustralia.org/projects/ https://github.com/RHoKAustralia http://www.futurecrunch.com.au https://www.changemakers.com http://datathon.zusedigital.com http://www.yorkbutterfactory.com https://www.nasa.gov/open http://netengine.com.au/projects/crisis-mapping/ Check

    out these links
  27. http://rhok.org http://www.rhokbrisbane.org http://www.rhok.ca http://blogs.deusto.es/rhok-bilbao/ http://www.rhoktoronto.com @RHOKTO RHoK Bogota @RHoKBOG Search

    for rhok on Twitter to find all sites https://www.crisiscommons.org @CrisisCamp RHoK around the world