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Dr. Arna Karick
February 09, 2015


Summary of .Astronomy6 conference held at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago. December 8-1th 2014.

Dr. Arna Karick

February 09, 2015

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  1. 6 Adler Planetarium - Chicago 8th-10th Dec 2014 Arna Karick

    - Swinburne Research @drarnakarick Blog summary, project URLs + GitHub repositories: http://chasingtelescopes.wordpress.com
  2. 6 60 participants (~50% new): a good mix of PhDs,

    post-docs, Team Zooniverse (Oxford), Adler researchers & Astros/Data Scientists/Developers (GitHub, Authorea, NYU Data Science, Microsoft Research - WWT)
  3. 6 The value of GitHub for Science Great talk by

    Arfon Smith: https://speakerdeck.com/arfon/github-for-science • Open/collaborative coding, community learning and improving/testing code. • Version control for research and software citation. • Building up your research profile to include ‘software developer’. • Citing other people’s code – building a community based on trust. • Requesting to review code/methodology when reviewing a paper – enforces better research practices… perhaps/tricky? • Forking code. GitHub makes forking the norm (don’t ask me about forking ;) 2012 2014 ———————————————————- Repositories ~4 million ~20 million Python ~300K 1.4 million C++ ~140K ~615K Latex ~5000 50,000 Fortran ~1400 7000 IDL ~50 2000
  4. 6 Three very intense days: Mornings - formal talks. Afternoons

    - unconference sessions organised on the fly. + Hack Day 9am to midnight (last man standing ~3am)
  5. 6 Unconference Sessions Hacking the Journal Article (Authorea, arXiv, Latex)

    Dissemintating #dotastro culture & practises (multidisciplinary) Astropy tutorials & updates Changing academic culture: datascience/software/research roles Alternative careers in academia? & tech industry Future of open worldwide telescope (WWT) Improving credit (+citation) for software Making data & software discoverable New software skills: Javascript, D3js, Python, APIs, SQL, MLA, Django Museum ideas: astronomy, tech and people New avenues for outreach (social issues in the US) Repositories for software and teaching materials Twitter Robots etc. Open access data, stellar and exoplanet archives.
  6. 6 Hack Day Projects Blog summary, project URLs + GitHub

    repositories: http://chasingtelescopes.wordpress.com
  7. 6 Stay tuned for .Astronomy 7 in 2015… Amanda Bauer,

    Andrew Hopkins, Robert Simpson and I are keen to organise .Astronomy Australia. Twitter: #dotastro & @dotastronomy (GitHub or Atlassian? are potential sponsors)
  8. Alberto Pepe @albertopepe ex-CfA co-founder (in Melbourne next week) Matteo

    Cantiello @kantyellow Astrophysicist Kavli - UCSB Eli Bressert @astrobiased Data Scientist Stitch Fix Alyssa Goodman @aagie Astrophysicist CfA Harvard