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Smarter Commerce with WebSphere Commerce

Driss Amri
April 10, 2013

Smarter Commerce with WebSphere Commerce

Introducing Smarter Commerce by using WebSphere Commerce at an Xplore Group workshop on 04/2013.


Driss Amri

April 10, 2013

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    Amri – Commerce Consultant - Optis
  2. E-commerce, and not solely for Belgium, is only at the

    start of its possibilities. Fighting off the (foreign) competition and exploring (neighboring) cross-border sales could break open a real revenue stream.
  3. As Belgian consumers, we are always ‘late’ when it comes

    to embracing new online technologies, but that doesn’t mean you have to focus all your efforts on Facebook. If you aim for quality over quantity, blogging, Youtube and Pinterest are at your service.
  4. Don’t miss out on the mobile commerce. A majority might

    say that aren’t willing to use this technology, but companies involved with this opportunity are already seeing the (additional) revenue. And the impact of mobile commerce will only grow.
  5. Power has shifted to the CUSTOMER In this new era,

    Businesses need to: Understand and anticipate Adopt and optimize Market, Sell and fulfill Service customers, predict and drive loyalty SMARTER COMMERCE
  6. Consumer  is  targeted   and  shown  a  web  ad  

    based  on  what  they  are   searching  online.     Consumer  saves  the   transac;on  in  their   shopping  cart   Consumer  phones  the  call  center  to   check  the  delivery  ;ming.    Call  center   advises  that  TV  is  in  a  local  store  for   immediate  pickup       Consumer  visits  the   store  to  pickup  the   TV,  views  the  order   via  the  Kiosk/POS   POS  prompts  to   recommend  an   offer  for   extended   warranty  …   sold!   Consumer    uses  mobile   phone  to  both  price   compare  and    then   complete  their  original   order     Capture  responses  and  refine   Consumer  receives     targeted  email  TV   promo;on   SMARTER COMMERCE
  7. Store Create Order Check Status Cancel Order Initiate/Track Return Schedule

    Delivery Change Order Pickup Research Product Create Order Check Status Cancel Order Initiate/Track Return Schedule Delivery or Pickup Change Order Schedule Store Pickup Research Product Mobile Create Order Check Status Cancel Order Schedule Delivery or Pickup Change Order Schedule Store Pickup Research Product Web Initiate/Track Return Call Center Create Order Check Status Cancel Order Initiate/Track Return Schedule Delivery or Pickup Change Order Schedule Store Pickup Research Product SMARTER COMMERCE
  8. Merchandising   •  Associa'ons  (cross/up-­‐sell)   •  Bundles  &  Kits

      •  Search  and  guided  selling   •  Awards  &  Points   •  Gi>  Center   •  Auc'ons   Marke;ng   •  Segmenta'on  &  Targe'ng   •  Personaliza'on   •  Email  campaigns   •  Web  ac'vi'es   •  Dialog  Ac'vi'es   •  E-­‐marke'ng  spots   •  A/B/C..  tes'ng   •  SEO/SME   •  Promo'ons  &    Discounts   •  Coupons   •  Extended-­‐sites   •  Precision  Marke'ng   •  Mobile  Marke'ng   Catalog  &  Content   •  Master  catalog   •  Sales  catalog   •  Product  Informa'on   Management   •  Content  spots   •  Content  aggrega'on   •  Workflow  and  Workspaces   •  Preview  and  Publish   Assisted  Interac;ons   •  Sales  Center   •  Collabora'on   •  RFQ   •  Price  nego'a'on   Mobile  Commerce   •  Mobile  shopping   •  Order  status   •  Stock  and  store  locator   Social  Commerce   •  Ra'ngs  &  Reviews   •  Blogs,  Forums  and  Profiles   •  Photos   •  Remote  Widget   Order  Management   •  Order  capture   •  Order  and  Inventory   processing   •  Distributed  Order  Mgmt   integra'on   •  Cross-­‐channel  order   Management   •  Approval  workflow   •  Payments   •  Invoice  &  Returns   Rela;onship  &  Agreements   •  Roles  &  member   management   •  Business  policies   •  Contracts  &  en'tlements   •  Catalog  Filtering   Globaliza;on   •  Support  for  13  languages,  30   global  currencies   •  Cultural  support   •  Mul'-­‐na'onal  sites   •  Regula'ons  &  prac'ces   Analy;cs   •  Coremetrics  analy'cs   •  Opera'onal  reports   •  Vendor  Integra'on   Framework   Starter  Stores   •  B2C  Web  2.0  Store   •  B2B  Web  2.0  Store   •  B2B  Direct   •  B2B  Advanced   •  Demand  Chain   •  Extended  Sites  &  Asset  Store   •  China  Store   •  Brazil  Store   Founda;on   •  Dynamic  Caching   •  Web  Services   •  Data  load  tools   •  Migra'on  tools   •  Staging  u'lity   •  Installa'on  &  Deployment   tools   •  Code  analysis  tools   Business  User  Tools   •  Management  Center  for   Marketers  and   Merchandisers   •  E-­‐mail  template  editor   •  Dialog  Ac'vity  Builder   Selling  &  Fulfillment  –  Key  Capabili'es   11  
  9. 1996:  Net.   Commerce  V1+   2000:  WebSphere  Commerce  

    Suite  V4.1   2002:  WebSphere   Commerce  V5.4   2009:     WebSphere   Commerce  V7.0   Q2  2010:   Feature  Pack   1   Q4  2010:   Feature  Pack   2   Q3  2011:   Feature  Pack   3   Q4  2011:   Feature  Pack   4   Q3  2012:   Feature  Pack   5   2013:  ???   MORE THAN 16 YEARS HISTORY
  10. Search  and   Shopping  Engine   Widgets   Extended  

    Community   Partner  Rela'onship   Management   Direct   Brand  Experience   Interac'on  Management   Configurable  Business  Processes   Infrastructure   Mobile   Contact  Center   Kiosks   Web   POS   Email   IBM   Owns   IBM   Integrates   Contracts  &  Rela'onships   Globaliza'on  &    Localiza'on   Personaliza'on   Catalog  &  Content   Precision  Marke'ng   Merchandising   Assisted  Interac'ons   Order  Management   Extended  Sites   Business  User  Tooling   Developer  Tooling   Founda'on   Reference Architecture
  11. Interac'on  Management   Configurable  Business  Processes   Infrastructure   Contracts

     &  Rela'onships   §   Roles  &  Member  Mgt     §   Business  Policies   §   Contracts  &  En'tlements   Globaliza'on   §   Language  Support     §   Regula'ons     §   Mul'-­‐na'onal  Sites     Personaliza'on   §   Segmenta'on     §   Promo'ons     §   Targe'ng     Catalog  &  Content   §   Content  Aggrega'on   §   e-­‐Spots   §   Sales  Catalogs   §   Product  Info  Mgmt   Precision  Marke'ng   §   Promo'ons,  Discounts,     Coupons   §   A/B  Tes'ng   §   Affiliate  Marke'ng   §   E-­‐mail  campaigns   Merchandising   §   Search\&  Guided  Search   §   Up-­‐sell,  cross-­‐sell,  bundles   §   Awards  &  Points   §   Gi>  Center     §   Auc'ons   Assisted  Interac'ons   §   Sales  Center   §   RFQ  &  Price  Nego'a'on   §   Collabora'on     Order  Management   §   Order  Capture   §   Order  &  Inv.  Processing   §   Approval  Workflow   §   Cross-­‐Channel  Order  Mgmt   §   Flexible  Pricing   §   Payments   Extended  Sites   §   Mul'ple  Sites     Business  User  Tooling   §   Management  Center     Developer  Tooling   Founda'on   §   WAS  v7   §   DB2   §   Tivoli   §   Ra'onal   §   Lotus     Capabilities
  12. Customer   “Call  Center”   “Social  Networks”   “Web”  

    “Mobile”   “Store  POS  &  Kiosks”   INTERACTION CHANNELS
  13. §  Empowers business users and increases their productivity and effectiveness

    §  Rich and intuitive graphical user interface §  Key tools include: –  Catalog management –  Marketing activities –  Promotions –  Multivariate (A/B) Testing –  Segmentation –  Store Assets –  Store Preview –  Tasks MANAGEMENT CENTER DEMO
  14. Authoring  server   Approved  Content   Produc;on  WebSphere  Commerce  Site

      Winter  Workspace   q   New  Product  Line   q   Manage  Hierarchy   q   New  Graphics  and  Content   q   Holiday  Promo'on   Emergency  Fix   Workspace   q   Change  Price   New  Content    Workspace   q   Add  Today’s  Content     New  Content   Staging  u;li;es   WORKSPACES DEMO
  15. Dialog Activity Automate marketing actions based on the specific behavior

    of your customers over time PRECISION MARKETING DEMO Web Activity Control what displays in predefined e-Marketing Spots on your store pages Search Activity Influence search results based on search keywords
  16. •  Web activities determine what to show the customer • 

    Web activities can display advertising content, merchandising associations, and recommendations from store catalog •  You can target different customer segments within Web activities to personalize what customers see in an e- Marketing Spot •  Provides Marketing Managers ability to effectively communicate with customers without IT involvement Target   Ac'on   Ac'ons   WEB ACTIVITY DEMO
  17. •  Automate marketing actions based on specific behavior of your

    customers over time •  Interactive dialog with a customer: You wait for the customer to do something, or not do something, and then you target that customer with a planned marketing action •  Dialog can be ongoing as the customer's behavior changes 24   Trigger   Ac'on   Trigger   Ac'on   Trigger   Ac'on   DIALOG ACTIVITY DEMO
  18. SEARCH ACTIVITY Trigger   Ac'on   Ac'on   Target  

    Ac'on   •  Manage business rules to rank, sort, and display the top search results
  19. 90%  of  shopping  begins  with  Search   “If  they  can’t

     find  it,  they  won’t  buy  it”   Incorporate search as an integral part of platform Integrate tightly with stores and tools Optimize search experience by integrating with Precision Marketing engine Empower marketers and merchandisers SEARCH
  20. 27   WC  Cross  channel  Precision   Marke;ng  Engine  

    WS  Search  Op;miza;on  Framework Solr   3rd  party     Search   Engine   WC  Triggers   Result Ranking Landing page Faceted     Naviga,on   Product Recommendation s Search results driven by business rules Storefront 1   2   Search Query Auto-Suggest Phrase Wildcard Spell Correction              Search   Adapter/Crawler   SEARCH
  21. §  Single shared master catalog §  Shared infrastructure for cross-brand

    and cross-channel experience §  Create new sites rapidly §  Each brand can manage their own product assortment and/or marketing §  Shared business processes, differentiated where necessary Catalog/Content   Page Logic   Business Assets   Inherit, Reference, and Override Business Assets   Page Logic   Catalog/ Content   Business Assets   Page Logic   Catalog/ Content   Business Assets   Page Logic   Catalog/ Content   Site 1 Site 2 Site 3 Extended Store Base Asset Store EXTENDED SITES
  22. Marketing Catalog / Product Information Partner/ Channel Relationship Sales &

    Operations Service & Support IBM  WebSphere  Commerce   Target-­‐to-­‐ Engage   Recruit-­‐to-­‐ Monitor   Source-­‐to-­‐ Merchandise   Quote-­‐to-­‐ Cash   Request-­‐to-­‐ Resolve   B2B Direct   Distributor   Hosted Partners Value Chain Business   Processes   Business   Models   Single, unified platform powers all business models and processes BUSINESS MODELS
  23. Selling  directly  to   businesses  or   customers   Bridge

     between   suppliers  and   customers   Selling  through  a   network  of  partners   Selling  through  a   chain  of  enterprises     B2B  Direct       Distributor       Hosted  Partners       Value  Chain     BUSINESS MODELS

    business user tooling ü  Cross-Channel Precision Marketing ü  Cross-Channel Order Processing ü  Sales Center ü  Gift Center ü  Workspaces ü  B2B Starter Stores ü  Extended Sites ü  Support for indirect business models DIFFERENT FLAVORS
  25. §  Storefront §  Workspaces §  Add catalog products §  Web

    activity §  Recommend content based on segment §  Market Experimentation: A/B test §  Dialog activity §  Create promotion for 15% off §  Customer abandon shopping cart (low/high value) §  Send mail and assign promotion coupon DEMO