Social Business with IBM Connections

3dd431a11c98c667638b7cbffe208627?s=47 Driss Amri
November 26, 2013

Social Business with IBM Connections

Lunch session given at Cronos headquarters on 26/11/2013 about Social Business supported by the IBM Connections platform.

1. IBM Connections

2. THE WORLD IS CHANGING… 10 years ago Skype, Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, Twitter, Tumblr, Dropbox, and Instagram didn't exist. 20 years ago there were only 130 websites total, Google wasn't even around yet, and you had to pay for an email account through an ISP. 30 years ago there was no internet.

3. THE WORLD IS CHANGING… In one second on the internet there are… 636 Instagram photos uploaded 1 024 Skype calls made 5 700 Tweets tweeted 11 574 Dropbox files uploaded 46 333 YouTube videos viewed 52 083 Facebook likes 59 421 Google searches made and... 1.666.666 emails sent

4. Social Business

5. What’s in the Platform?

6. PROFILES Communicate to your network your expertise and content Quickly find people and expertise Grow and maintain your professional network Post a status message informing your network of what you are doing

7. COMMUNITIES Improve teamwork and communication Exchange and share information and ideas with people who share common interests Public, private or moderated

8. ACTIVITIES View, manage and organize tasks Tap into your professional network Collaborate easily on everyday deliverables

9. IDEATION BLOGS Designed to generate discussion on a particular topic Gain consensus on the best ideas or suggestions by allowing the users to vote Graduate an idea

10. SOCIAL ANALYTICS Discover who and what you should know Recommendations for people, communities and content Based on your profile, tags, social network and actions Visible on the Home Page, Profiles and Communities

11. People are our greatest resource!

12. Think BIG, start small

13. Demo

14. Organize a lunch session Create a private community Invite members Create Activities Gather and promote ideas in Ideation Blog Notify Community Search Collaborate

15. What makes us STRONG?



18. Microsoft Windows Microsoft Office & OpenOffice Microsoft Sharepoint Mozilla Firefox …. IBM WebSphere Portal IBM Connections Mail IBM Docs IBM Cognos Server IBM Content Manager ….


20. ECO-SYSTEM Level Up Kudos Badges AppFusions

21. FIGURES & NUMBERS 40% of large enterprises will have an ESN by 2015 71% of employees NOT ENGAGED 38% TIME LOST duplicating work & searching for info 62% of employees work in MULTIPLE locations


23. Gartner SOURCES U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Gallup Research Forrester Research


Driss Amri

November 26, 2013