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Fedora 4 Update

C9a7e8dde99486606a39deb963d27c14?s=47 David Wilcox
October 27, 2015

Fedora 4 Update

Given at the DLF Forum, October 27, 2015.


David Wilcox

October 27, 2015


  1. Fedora 4 Update David Wilcox, DuraSpace @d_wilcox

  2. Fedora Facts Managed by DuraSpace (not-for-profit) Funded by The Community

    Developed by The Community Supported by 2 full-time staff members (not developers)
  3. None
  4. Fedora Committers Ben Armintor, Columbia University Chris Beer, Stanford University

    Aaron Coburn, Amherst College Esmé Cowles, Princeton University Osman Din, Yale University Mike Durbin, University of Virginia Nick Ruest, York University Adam Soroka, University of Virginia Jared Whiklo, University of Manitoba Andrew Woods, DuraSpace
  5. Core Releases Fedora 4.0 (Nov. 27/14): First production release Fedora

    4.1 (Feb. 4/15): Camel Component Fedora 4.1.1 (Mar. 27/15): Released by Mike Durbin Fedora 4.2 (May 19/15): Audit Service Fedora 4.3 (July 24/15): Released by Nick Ruest Fedora 4.4 (Oct 12/15): Web Access Control
  6. New Developments

  7. Camel Component Well-established Apache project Middleware for integrating with external

    systems Can handle any asynchronous, event- driven workflow
  8. Audit Service Maintains a history of events for each repository

    resource using the existing event system and an external triplestore Both internal repository events and events from external sources can be recorded Designed and developed by the community
  9. Web Access Control W3C standard for linked data based authorization

    Opportunity for interoperable access control Designed and implemented via community participation
  10. API Extension Architecture Community approach to extending Fedora 4 Bulk

    ingest, Ingest pre-processing, Content model validation, etc. Currently reviewing use cases and looking for more stakeholders
  11. Support for high-latency storage systems e.g. Amazon Glacier, HSM, Tape

    Manage large datasets Currently collecting use cases Asynchronous Storage
  12. Hydra/Islandora Interoperability Hydra and Islandora on a common Fedora 4

    repository Focus on PCDM as a data model Strong interest in doing common tasks the same way
  13. Roadmap Closer alignment with LDP Identifying and aligning with community

    standards Shrinking and maintaining the codebase
  14. Fedora 4 Workshops Hosted throughout the year at conferences and

    events In-depth Fedora Camp at Duke University next month More camps next year Including developer-focused training
  15. Community Participation Fedora 3 to 4 migrations • Test migration

    utilities and report issues New features • Use cases, testing, and developer effort needed Maintenance sprints • Fix bugs and improve the codebase • Need at least 2 developers per sprint
  16. Useful Links Fedora 4 Wiki • Migration Utility • Fedora 4 Virtual Machine • Contact •
  17. Attributions “Camel in Saharan Desert” by Wildlife Wanderer, Flickr.

    com/photos/wildlifewanderer/12797259525 “Hunting History…” by Vinoth Chandar, Flickr. com/photos/vinothchandar/8053137993 “Locked” by Karol Franks, Flickr. com/photos/karolfranks/15136260663 “Ladder” by Georgios Karamanis, Flickr. com/photos/karamanis/1106389375 “Glaciers of Graham Land” by David Stanley, Flickr. com/photos/davidstanleytravel/16073407809 “365-211” by Canned Muffins, Flickr. com/photos/cmuffins/5101164988 “The workshop” by highlights6, Flickr. com/photos/highlights6/14699054200